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The Venture Development Center serves as home to many of our student & alumni businesses. The level of development of these startups varies from the conceptual stage all the way to realizing revenues. The following is a list of the current businesses of the VDC.

Altezza Group - Danny Vicioso (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation)
An autograph memorabilia LLC, based out of Westchester NY.
Black Tag Gear – Jesse Sapp (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation) and Bryan Benini (Management Info Systems)
We at Black Tag Gear make custom tools and bottle openers for the everyday carry market. We believe in making practical tools that you will always want to carry. We find inspiration from television and personal experiences to create innovative products.
Break-Fast – Zachary Granat (Management & Marketing)
An innovative breakfast food service model designed to work breakfast into the lives of college students.
Custom Disney Dolls – Daniel Horsky (Marketing)
My passion is the create OOAK (One-Of-A-Kind) Disney dolls that are movie accurate according to the films in which they starred. Many of my customs include characters that were not widely produced on a 1/6th scale. My grandmother, Baba, inspires me because watching the Little Mermaid with her as a kid was always our thing. 
D.FUSE – Charles Iglinsky (Entrepreneurship & Design MS), Shawn Chou (International Business MS), and Eric Huang (Computer Science MS)
We are a software company with a vision to build wearable devices that enhance the human experience.  We are building an ecosystem for the future of wearables.
Dare Women’s Foundation – Morgan Lehr (Elementary Teacher Education)
Dare Women’s Foundation’s goal is to help improve women’s issues in Tanzania, especially regarding feminine hygiene, nutrition, work and education.
East Coast Float Spa (Business Administration MBA)
East Coast Float Spa is the largest center offering floatation therapy in the tri-state area. Floating is a holistic health treatment backed by decades of science that lets your body & mind achieve a whole new level of relaxation as you float, effortlessly, in your own private dead sea.
Fifth Quarter Media –  Sammy Suh (Exercise Science) and John Koshy (Biomechanics & Movement Science – PhD)
We are a small team of creative minds that specialize in digital media content. Whether it be automotive, commercial or corporate content that is distinct with our style. 
Geospot – Jason Bamford (Engineering)
Location based data sharing and unlocking platform that connects communities.  Watch out Google!
goodfoot – John Howe (Arts & Sciences) , Garry Johnson (Exercise Science, Early Childhood Education & Entrepreneurial Studies), and Curtis Kreidler (Physics)
goodfoot is a philanthropic fitness app designed to motivate users by allowing them to get fit for a cause.
Inspirational Quote: “Dream, Believe, Achieve, Succeed”
GymFit – Aaron DePue (International Business Studies) and Garrett Barretta (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation)
GymFit is an interactive fitness coach via a tablet-like device mounted on gym equipment. GymFit makes the gym a safer place, by showing the gym user how to properly use the equipment and providing live feedback on how to correct errors in use and posture while on the machine. Along with making the gym safer, GymFit aims to make every workout more effective by demonstrating proper use and proper form.
Hoodfi – Adam Breese (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation and Marketing)  
Bringing public outdoor wifi to a hood near you! For each purchase, an under-served low-income hood will also receive hoodfi.
Inspirational Quote: “Whatever I have given, I have gained.” – Leonard Nimoy
Lazarus Rising – Matt Rojas (Economics), Matt Sobel (Economics and Finance), Jim Celia (Accounting MS), Nate Hamilton (Chemical Engineering), and Eric Albers (Finance)
Lazarus Rising aims to combat poverty through the provision of job placement skills. Currently, we have chapters at seven universitites and we are looking to expand.
Inspirational Quote: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. “ – Ghandi
LendEDU – Nate Matherson (Economics and Finance) and Matt Lenhard (Finance)
LendEDU.com is an online marketplace for private student loans and student loan refinance. With one short application, LendEDU provides up to 9 quotes from leading student loan providers. Think LendingTree for student loans. Nate & Matt started LendEDU at the Iowa Startup Accelerator after pivoting from ShopTutors. ShopTutors won Hen Hatch in 2014. LendEDU has received seed funding from Built by Iowa and the Iowa Startup Accelerator Fund.
Loop – Matt Paul (Computer Science)
Loop is about bringing healthcare full circle. We build solutions that change the way medical information is relayed in order to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and providers.
Nourich Foods – Ben Nielsen (Business Administration MBA), Chuhan Zhou (Dietetics), Hannah Sporer (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation) , and Ryan Brish (Food Science)
Nourich biscuits are a nutritionally complete yet convenient solid foodstuff that can be eaten as a snack or in place of an entire meal.
Who/What Inspires You?: Falsely inspired by an inaccurate story about Under Armor Founder, Kevin Plank.
Rain – Maria Gorecki (Fashion Merchandising) and Jackie Anninos (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation and Marketing)  
At a young age, girls start to develop insecurities, which results in a lack of confidence. Our goal is to increase a girl’s self-esteem by teaching them to love themselves, uncover their inside and outside natural beauty, and educate them about life changes to anticipate as they grow up in today’s society.
Who/What Inspires You?: Both of us look to our mothers for inspiration and it just so happens they share a common name!
Receptologics LLC – Anvar Samadzoda (Chemical Engineering - MCHE, PhD)
Receptologics is positioned to provide unique receptors crystallization services to pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our rational crystallization technology enables structure-based drug design and development.
Inspirational Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
SafeBed – Tom Messina (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation)
A vibrating device the size of a folder that goes under a bed in hotels, colleges, etc. and is hooked up to the fire alarm system. The device vibrates the bed when the fire alarm goes off.
SMARTHens – Kemba Hall (Electrical Engineering)
An app to assist students in finding a tutor with ease!  The app can be described as a YELP for tutors.
Fun Fact: Kemba loves to ballroom dance!
Team Textile – Kevin Crawford (Biomedical Engineering), Nick Rutigliano (Envioromental Engineering), Anna Pimenta (Envioromental Engineering) , and Tim D’Agostino (Envioromental Engineering)
Recycling of Goodwill’s waste stream (textiles, metals, ceramics, etc.) to reduce expenses and generate new revenue streams.
Inspirational Quote: “The world we have created today has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we though when we created them.” – Albert Einstein
TenantU – Jacob Jeifa (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation)
TenantU is a web-based platform, much in the format of “Yelp!” or “RateMyProfessor” that allows University students living in off-campus housing to post descriptions of their landlords, along with a rating system, for the reference of future tenants.
Inspirational Quote: “Yesterday’s homeruns don’t win today’s games.” – Babe Ruth
The H Factor – Paxton Mittleman (Communication)
The H Factor Media is a social media marketing firm dedicated to maximizing client presence online. Our mission is to distribute and humanize content to drive results small business owners crave.
Inspirational Quote: “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs
The Practice Set – Jordan Gonzalez (Mechanical Engineering) and Keith Doggett (Chemical Engineering)
To aid in students' understanding of their classes by giving them practice problems. These problems are solved step-by-step so that they can learn the solutions in an exact fashion.
UDwell – Tali Cohen (Accounting, Management Info Systems, and Marketing) and Yael Bloom (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation)
Udwell is a comprehensive website that lists all of the off-campus housing options near the University of Delaware. 
UniDine – Daniel Neuburger
UniDine is a social app designed to facilitate comfort at University dining halls. Using UniDine, college students can connect with others that have common interests, and they will never eat lunch or dinner alone again.
Vaydr Productions – Marshall Parks (Marketing)
An audio production and recording company with a laid back vibe and electronic/ hip-hop influenced sound.
Who/What Inspires You?: I draw inspiration from nature and unique music.
Hobbies: I skate and play guitar in my free time.
Weather Optics – Scott Pecoriello (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation)
Weather Optics is a private and public sector weather forecasting business that provides unique and highly accurate weather forecasts to both individuals and companies.
Inspirational Quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein
Zenith FilmWorks – Peter Fomin (University Studies)
Zenith FilmWorks is a group of young, innovative minds that specializes in film production, editing and aerial filming.


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