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2016-05, Farley Grubb, "Colonial American Paper Money and the Quantity Theory of Money: An Extension"

2016-04, Olga Gorbachev, Brendan O'Flaherty, and Rajiv Sethi, "An Ethnic Roller Coaster: Disparate Impacts of the Housing Boom and Bust"

2016-03, Olga Gorbachev, "Has the Increased Attachment of Women to the Labor Market Changed a Family's Ability to Smooth Income Shocks?"

2016-02, Matthew White, "Competition Among Insurers and Consumer Welfare"

2016-01, Farley Grubb, "Colonial Virginia's Paper Money Regime, 1755-1774: Value Decomposition and Performance"

2015-11, Farley Grubb, "Colonial Virginia's Paper Money Regime, 1755-1774: A Forensic Accounting Reconstruction of the Data"

2015-10, Farley Grubb, "Common Currency versus Currency Union: The U.S. Continental Dollar and Denominational Structure, 1775-1779"

2015-09, Burton A. Abrams, Evangelos M. Falaris, and James G. Mulligan, "Municipal Technological Change in the 19th Century: The Diffusion of Steam-Powered Fire-Fighting Equipment"

2015-08, Farley Grubb, "Colonial New Jersey's Provincial Fiscal Structure, 1709-1775: Spending Obligations, Revenue Sources, and Tax Burdens in War and in Peace"

2105-07, Farley Grubb, "Is Paper Money Just Paper Money? Experimentation and Variation in the Paper Monies Issued by the American Colonies from 1690 to 1775"

2015-06, Matthew N. White, "An Ounce of Prevention at Half Price: Evaluating a Subsidy on Health Investments"

2015-05, Keshav Dogra and Olga Gorbachev, "Consumption Volatility, Liquidity Constraints and Household Welfare"

2015-04, Laura Cojocaru (PhD, 2011), Evangelos M. Falaris, Saul Hoffman, and Jeffrey B. Miller, "Financial System Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies: New Empirical Evidence from the CEE and CIS Countries"

2015-03, Matthew N. White, "The Method of Endogenous Gridpoints in Theory and Practice"

2015-02, Saul D. Hoffman, "Abortion, Contraception and the Rise in Non-Marital Births: A Revision and Reinterpretation of the Akerlof-Yellen-Katz Model of Pre-Marital Sex and Men's Responsibilities"

2015-01, Andrew T. Hill and Carlos J. Asarta, "Gender and Student Achievement in Personal Finance: Evidence from Keys to Financial Success"

2014-17, Matthew N. White, "Endogenous Gridpoints in Multiple Dimensions: Interpolation on Non-Linear Grids"

2014-16, Stacie Beck and SooDong Park, "How Fiscal Policies Reduce Labor Force Participation in Open Economies: Evidence on Tax Competition and Compensation Hypotheses"

2014-15, Christopher Carroll, Jiri Slacalek, Kiichi Tokuoka and Matthew N. White, “The Distribution of Wealth and the Marginal Propensity to Consume

2014-14,  Melody Lo, M.C. Sunny Wong, Franklin G. Mixon, and Carlos J. Asarta, “Ranking Economics Journals and Articles, Economics Departments, and Economists Using Teaching-Focused Research Productivity:  1991-2011.”

2014-13,  James Celia and Farley Grubb, “Non-Legal-Tender Paper Money: The Structure and Performance of Maryland’s Bills of Credit, 1767-1775

2014-12,  Saul D. Hoffman and Wai-Kit (Ricky) Shum, “State Minimum Wage Changes and the Employment of Low-Wage Workers:  New Evidence from 2011-2014

2014-11,  Bogdan Nedanov and Charles Link, "Cumulative Effects On Weight Due To An Initial Occupational Choice As A Blue Collar Worker"

2014-10,  Seonyoung Park, "Recent Stagnation of Married Women's Labor Supply: A Life-Cycle Structural Model"

2014-09,  Syoum Negassi, "Evaluation of Public R&D Policy: A Meta-Regression Analysis"

2014-08,  Farley Grubb, "A New Approach to Explaining the Value of Colonial Paper Money: Evidence from New Jersey, 1709-1775"

2014-07,  Michael Arnold, Eric Darmon, and Sylvain Dejean, "Graduated Response Policy and the Behavior of Digital Pirates:  Evidence from the French Three-Strike (Hadopi) Law"

2014-06 Saul D. Hoffman, “Are the Effects of Minimum Wage Increases Always Small? A Re-Analysis of Sabia, Burkhauser, and Hansen

2014-05 Farley Grubb, "Colonial New Jersey's Paper Money Regime, 1709-1775: A Forensic Accounting Reconstruction of the Data"

2014-04 Laurence Seidman, "Overcoming the Fiscal Trilemma with Two Progressive Consumption Tax Supplements"

2014-03 Adrienne M. Lucas, "Effects of School Quality on Student Achievement: Discontinuity Evidence from Kenya"

2014-02 Laurence Seidman, "Medicare For All: A Public Finance Analysis"

2014-01 Laurence Seidman, "Stimulus without Debt"

2013-14 Carlos J. Asarta and James R. Schmidt, "Student Choices of Reduced Seat Time in a Blended Introductory"

2013-13 Carlos Asarta, Andrew T. Hill and Bonnie T. Meszaros, "The Features and Effectiveness of the Keys to Financial Success Curriculum"

2013-12 Carlos Asarta, Roger B. Butters and Eric Thompson, "The Gender Question in Economic Education: Is it the Teacher or the Test?"

2013-11 Carlos Asarta, "Success in the Economics Major: Is it Path Dependent?"

2013-10 Farley Grubb, "The Continental Dollar: How the American Revolution was Financed with Paper Money—Chapter 3 Initial Design and Idea Performance"

2013-09 James L. Butkiewicz, "Eugene Meyer and the German Influence on the Origin of U.S. Federal Financial Rescues"

2013-08 James L. Butkiewicz and Zeliha Ozdogan, "Financial crisis, monetary policy reform and the monetary transmission mechanism in Turkey"

2013-07 Huijian Dong, Helen Bowers and William R. Latham, "Evidence on the Efficient Market Hypothesis from 44 Global Financial Market Indexes"

2013-06 Mary T. Kelly and John S. Ying, “Testing the Effectiveness of Regulation and Competition on Cable Television Rates

2013-05 Ellen P. Green, “Payment Systems in the Healthcare Industry: An Experimental Study

2013-04 Saul D. Hoffman, "Geography and Gender: Why Does the Gender Earnings Gap Vary Across U.S. States?"

2013-03 Adrienne M. Lucas, "Improving Early-Grade Literacy in East Africa: Experimental Evidence from Kenya and Uganda"

2013-02 Adrienne M. Lucas, "Adult Antiretroviral Therapy and Child Health: Evidence from Scale-up in Zambia"

2013-01 Bonnie T. Meszaros, "Evidence of Student Achievement in a High School Personal Finance Course"

2012-13 James L. Butkiewicz and Mihaela Solcan, "The Original Operation Twist: The War Finance Corporation's War Bond Purchases, 1918-1920" [abstract, paper].

2012-12 Jenna Toussaint, Shang Wu and Kent D. Messer, " Maximizing Benefits for Women: A Charitable Donation Allocation Problem" [abstract, paper].

2012-11 Ellen P. Green, "Payment Mechanisms in the Healthcare Industry: An Experimental Study of Physician Incentives in a Multiple Principal Agent Setting " [abstract, paper].

2012-10 Adrienne M. Lucas & Isaac M. Mbiti, "Access, Sorting and Achievement: the Short-Run Effects of Free Primary Education in Kenya" [abstract, paper].

2012-09 Alain Alcouffe and Jeffrey Miller, "The Dynamics That Are Restructuring Higher Education In The US And France" [abstract, paper].

2012-08 Farley Grubb, "Chronic Species Scarcity and Efficient Barter: The Problem of Maintaining an Outside Money Supply in British Colonial America" [abstract, paper].

2012-07 Farley Grubb, "Is Paper Money Just Paper Money? Experimentation And Local Variation In The Fiat Paper Monies Issued By The Colonial Governments Of British North America, 1690-1775: Part I" [abstract, paper].

2012-06 Simon Condliffe, Charles Link, Michael F. Pollack and Shreekant Parasuraman, "The Effects of Hypertension and Obesity on Total Health Care Expenditures of Diabetes Patients in the United States" [This paper is currently under review at Health Affairs, which requires that no working paper may be posted for an article submitted for publication].

2012-05 Adrienne M. Lucas and Isaac M. Mbiti, "The Determinants and Consequence of School Choice Errors in Kenya" [abstract, paper].

2012-04 Michael Arnold, Eric Darmon and Thierry Penard, "To Sponsor or not to Sponsor: Sponsored Search Auctions with Organic Links" [abstract, paper].

2012-03 James G. Mulligan and Daniel J. Wedzielewski, "Government Intervention to Prevent Bankruptcy: the Effect of Blind-Bidding Laws on Movie Theaters" [abstract, paper].

2012-02 Burton A. Abrams, Jing Li and James G. Mulligan, "Capital Intensity and U.S. County Population Growth during the Late Nineteenth Century" [abstract, paper].

2012-01 Joshua M. Duke, Steven J. Dundas and Kent D. Messer, "Cost Effective Conservation Planning: Twenty Lessons from Economics" [abstract, paper].

2011-22 Laura Cojocaru*, Saul D. Hoffman* and Jeffrey B. Miller* "Financial Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies: Empirical Evidence from the CEE and CIS Countries" [abstract, paper].

2011-21 George R. Parsons, Michael K. Hidrue, Willett Kempton, and Meryl P. Gardner, "Can Vehicle-to-Grid Revenue Help Electric Vehicles on the Market?" [abstract, paper].

2011-20 Adrienne M. Lucas , "The Impact of Malaria Eradication on Fertility" [abstract, paper]

2011-19 James L. Butkiewicz , "The German Influence on the Origin of U.S. Federal Financial Rescues" [abstractpaper]

2011-18 Stacie Beck and Alexis Chaves, "The Impacts of Various Taxes on Foreign Direct Investment" [abstract, paper]

2011-17 Saul D. Hoffman,Ivo Bicanic and Oriana Vukoja, "Wage Inequality and the Labor Market Impact of Economic Transformation: Croatia, 1970-2008" [abstract, paper]

2011-16 Saul D. Hoffman and Chenglong Ke, "Employment Effects of the 2009 Minimum Wage Increase: Evidence from State Comparisons of At-Risk Workers (Revised Version)" [abstract, paper]

2011-15 Farley Grubb, "The Continental Dollar: Initial Design, Ideal Performance, and the Credibility of Congressional Commitment" [abstract, paper]

2011-14 Jorge Soares, "Social Security: Universal vs. Earnings-Dependent Benefits" [abstract, paper]

2011-13 Siyan Wang and Burton A. Abrams, "Government Outlays, Economic Growth and Unemployment: A VAR Model" [abstract, paper]

2011-12 Siyan Wang and Burton A. Abrams, "The Effect of Government Size on the Steady-State Unemployment Rate: A Dynamic Perspective" [abstract, paper]

2011-11 Laurence Seidman, "Keynesian Fiscal Stimulus: What Have We Learned from the Great Recession?" [abstract, paper]

2011-10 Kenneth A. Lewis and Laurence S. Seidman, "Did the 2008 Rebate Fail? A Response to Taylor and Feldstein" [abstract, paper]

2011-09 Stacie Beck and Alexis Chaves, "The Impact of Taxes on Trade Competitiveness" [abstract, paper]

2011-08 Farley Grubb , "State Redemption of the Continental Dollar, 1779-1790" [abstract, paper]

2011-07 Vera Brusentsev and Jeffrey Miller, "The Educational Value of the College Fed Challenge" [abstract, paper]

2011-06 Latham, W., Le Bas, C., Bouklia Hassane, R., and Volodin, D., "Interregional mobility, productivity and the value of patents for prolific inventors in France, Germany and the U.K" [abstract, paper]

2011-05 Burton A. Abrams and James L. Butkiewicz, "The Political Business Cycle: New Evidence from the Nixon Tapes" [abstract, paper]

2011-04 Andrew D. Krueger, George R. Parsons, Jeremy Firestone, "Valuing the Visual Disamenity of Offshore Wind Projects at Varying Distances from the Shore: An Application on the Delaware Shoreline" [abstract, paper]

2011-03 Peter E.T. Edwards, George R. Parsons, Kelley H. Myers, "The Economic Value of Viewing Migratory Shorebirds on the Delaware Bay: An Application of the Single Site Travel Cost Model Using On-Site Data" [abstract, paper]

2011-02 Michael Hidrue, George Parsons, Willett Kempton, and Meryl Gardner, "Willingness to Pay for Electric Vehicles and their Attributes" [abstract, paper]

2011-01 Burton A. Abrams, "Financial-Sector Shocks in a Credit-View Model" [abstract, paper]

2010-14 Ole M. Amundsen, Kent D. Messer, and William L. Allen, III, "Integrating Optimization and Strategic Conservation to Achieve Higher Efficiencies in Land Protection" [abstract, paper]

2010-13 Saul D. Hoffman, Ivo Bicanic, and Oriana Vukoja, "Wage Differentials and Wage Inequality in Croatia, 1970-2008: Assessing the Labor Market Impact of Economic Transformation" [abstract, paper]

2010-12 Olga Gorbachev and Keshav Dogra, " Evolution of Consumption Volatility for the Liquidity Constrained Households over 1983 to 2004" [abstract, paper]

2010-11 Titus O. Awokuse, Keith E. Maskus and Yiting An, " Knowledge-Capital, International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment: A Sectoral Analysis” [abstract, paper]

2010-10 Titus O. Awokuse and Weishi Grace Gu, "Does foreign intellectual property rights protection affect U.S. exports and FDI?" [abstract, paper]

2010-09 Kent D. Messer, Jordan F. Suter, and Jubo Yan, "Context effects in a negative externality experiment" [abstract, paper]

2010-08 Jacob R. Fooks and Kent D. Messer, " Maximizing Conservation and In-Kind Cost Share: Applying Goal Programming to Forest Protection " [abstract, paper]

2010-07 Saul D. Hoffman and Chenglong Ke, "Employment Effects of the 2009 Minimum Wage Increase: Evidence from State Comparisons of At-Risk Workers" [abstract, paper]

2010-06 Kenneth A. Lewis and Laurence S. Seidman, "Did the 2008 Rebate Fail? A Response to Taylor and Feldstein" [abstract, paper]

2010-05 Burton A. Abrams, "Money-Multiplier Shocks in a Credit-View Model" [abstract, paper]

2010-04 Thuan Quang Thai and Evangelos M. Falaris, "The Effect of Child Health on Schooling: Evidence from Rural Vietnam" [abstract, paper]

2010-03 Ivo Bicanic, Saul D. Hoffman, and Oriana Vukoja, " Croatian Wage Inequality and Wage Differentials, 1970-2008: Measurement and Determinants" [abstract, paper]

2010-02 William Latham and Christian Le Bas, "Causes, Consequences And Dynamics Of 'Complex' Distributions Of Technological Activities: The Case Of Prolific Inventors" [abstract, paper]

2010-01 Alain Alcouffe and Jeffrey B. Miller, " A Comparison of the Organization of Higher Education Systems in France and the USA" [abstract, paper]

2009-10 Wayne Vroman and Vera Brusentsev, “Short-Time Compensation as a Policy to Stabilize Employment" [abstract, paper]

2009-09 Joseph I. Daniel," The Untolled Problems with Airport Slot Constraints " [abstract, paper]

2009-08 Joseph I. Daniel," The Deterministic Bottleneck Model with Non-Atomistic Traffic " [abstract, paper]

2009-07 James G. Mulligan and Daniel Wedzielewski, "Financial Government Intervention to Prevent Bankruptcy: The Effect of Blind-Bidding Laws on Movie Theaters" [abstract, paper]

2009-06 Burton A. Abrams, Jing Li, and James G. Mulligan, "The Steam Engine and U.S. Urban Growth During the Late Nineteenth Century" [abstract, paper]

2009-05 James G. Mulligan, "Service Quality and Competition in the U.S. Down-hill Ski Industry" [abstract, paper]

2009-04 James L. Butkiewicz and Zeliha Ozdogan, "Financial Crisis, Monetary Policy Reform and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Turkey" [abstract, paper]

2009-03 Farley Grubb, "Land Policy: Founding Choices and Outcomes," [abstract,paper]

2009-02 Joseph I.Daniel,"Pricing Canadian Airports," [abstract,paper]

2009-01 Jorge Soares, "Welfare Impact of a Ban on Child Labor," [abstract, paper]

2008-26 David R. Stockman and Brian E. Raines," Euler Equation Branching," [abstract, paper]

2008-25 David R. Stockman, "Uniform Measures On Inverse Limit Spaces," [abstract, paper]

2008-24 Simon Condliffe, William Latham, Christian Le Bas and Frédéric Miribel, "Agglomeration Economies within IT-Producing and IT-Consuming Industries in U.S. Regions," [abstract, paper]

2008-23 James L. Butkiewicz and Halit Yanikkaya"Institutions and the Impact of Government Spending on Growth," [abstract, paper]

2008-22 Jeffrey B. Miller, "The Organization of a National System of Higher Education:  Some Preliminary Thoughts on a Decentralized System," [abstract, paper]

2008-21 Farley Grubb, "The Distribution of Congressional Spending During the American Revolution, 1775-1780: The Problem of Geographic Balance," [abstract, paper]

2008-20 William Latham and Hong Yin, "Domestic Innovation and Chinese Regional Growth, 1991-2004," [abstract, paper]

2008-19 Saul D. Hoffman, "The Changing Impact of Marriage and Children on Women’s Labor Force Participation" [abstract, paper]

2008-18  Kent D. Messer and William Allen III, "Applying Optimization and the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Enhance Agricultural Preservation Strategies in the State of Delaware" [paper]

2008-17 Kólver Hernández and Asli Leblebicioglu, "A Regime Switching Analysis of Exchange Rate Pass-through" [abstract, paper]

2008-16 Farley Grubb, "Creating Maryland’s Paper Money Economy, 1720-1739: The Role of Power, Print, and Markets" [abstract, paper]

2008-15 Vera Brusentsev and Wayne Vroman, "Unemployment And Unemployment Protection In Transition Economies" [abstract, paper]

2008-14 Michael A. Arnold, Chenguang Li, Christine Saliba, and Lan Zhang, "Asymmetric Market Shares, Advertising, and Pricing: Equilibrium with an Information Gatekeeper" [abstract,paper]

2008-13 Joseph I. Daniel and Katherine Thomas Harback, "Pricing the major hub airports" [abstract, paper]

2008-12 Jorge Soares, "Borrowing Constraints, Parental Altruism and Welfare" [abstract, paper]

2008-11 Farley Grubb, “Testing for the Economic Impact of the U.S. Constitution: Purchasing Power Parity across the Colonies versus across the States, 1748-1811” [abstract, paper]

2008-10 George R. Parsons, Christopher Leggett, Kevin Boyle and Ami Kang, "Valuing Beach Closures on the Padre Island National Seashore" [abstract,paper]

2008-09 Farley Grubb, “The Continental Dollar: What Happened to It after 1779?” [abstract, paper]

2008-08 Saul D. Hoffman, "Updating the Teen Miscarriage Experiment: Are the Effects of a Teen Birth Becoming More Negative?" [abstract, paper]

2008-07 Charles R. Link, Simon Condliffe and Bryan Townsend, "Who receives statins? Variations in physicians’ prescribing patterns for patients with coronary heart disease, dyslipidemia, and diabetes" [paper]

2008-06 Richard Agnello and Xiaowen Xu, "Prices for Paintings by African American Artists and Their Contemporaries: Does Race Matter?" (Revision of Working Paper No. 2006-06) [abstract, paper]

2008-05 Kenneth A. Lewis and Laurence S. Seidman, "Income-related patient cost-sharing: Simulation for prescription drugs under medicare" [abstract, paper]

2008-04 Kenneth A. Lewis and Laurence S. Seidman, "Overcoming the zero interest-rate bound: A quantitative prescription" (Revision of Working Paper No. 2006-14) [paper]

2008-03 Kenneth A. Lewis and Laurence S. Seidman, "Compensations and contributions under an international carbon treaty" [abstract, paper]

2008-02 D. Matthew Massey and George R. Parsons, "State Dependence and Long Term Site Capital
in a Random Utility Model of Recreation Demand" [abstract, paper]

2008-01 Saul D. Hoffman, "Revisiting Marshall’s Third Law: Why Does Labor’s Share Interact with the Elasticity of Substitution to Decrease the Elasticity of Labor Demand?" [abstract, paper]

2007-18 George R. Parsons and Steven M. Thur, "Valuing Changes in the Quality of Coral Reef Ecosystems: A Stated Preference Study of SCUBA Diving in the Bonaire National Marine Park" [abstract, paper]

2007-17 David R. Stockman, "Chaos and Sector-specific Externalities" [abstractpaper]

2007-16 Judy Kennedy, Brian Raines and David R. Stockman, "Expected Utility in Models with Chaos" [abstractpaper]

2007-15 Vera Brusentsev and Wayne Vroman, "Unemployment Compensation Recipiency in English-speaking Countries" [abstractpaper]

2007-14 Siyan Wang and Burton A. Abrams, "The Effect of Government Size on the Steady-State Unemployment Rate: An Error Correction Model" [abstractpaper]

2007-13 Siyan Wang and Burton A. Abrams, "Government Outlays, Economic Growth and Unemployment: A VAR model" [abstractpaper]

2007-12 Burton A. Abrams, Jing Li, and James G. Mulligan, "Did Steam Engines Fuel Urban Growth in the Late Nineteenth Century? Less Sanguine Results" [abstractpaper]

2007-11 Burton A. Abrams and James L. Butkiewicz, "Deregulation for Development: A Tale of Two States" [abstractpaper]

2007-10 Burton A. Abrams and James L. Butkiewicz, "The Political Economy of Wage and Price Controls: Evidence from the Nixon Tapes" [abstractpaper]

2007-09 Farley Grubb, "The Continental Dollar: How Much Was Issued and What Happened to It?" [abstractpaper]

2007-08 Saul D. Hoffman and Diane Trace, "NJ and PA Once Again: What Happened to Employment When the PA-NJ Minimum Wage Differential Disappeared?" [abstractpaper]

2007-07 Mary T. Kelly and John S. Ying, "Testing the Effectiveness of Regulation and Competition on Cable Television Rates" [abstractpaper]

2007-06 Saul D. Hoffman, "A Good Policy Gone Bad: The Strange Case of the Non Refundable State EITC" [abstractpaper]

2007-05 Evangelos M. Falaris, "Misclassification of the Dependent Variable in Binary Choice Models: Evidence from Five Latin American Countries" [abstract , paper]

2007-04 James L. Butkiewicz and Halit Yanikkaya, "Minerals, Openness, Institutions and Growth: An Empirical Analysis" [abstract , paper]

2007-03 Michael A. Arnold and Theirry Pénard, "Bargaining and Fixed Price Offers: How Online Intermediaries are Changing New Car Transactions" [abstract , paper]

2007-02 Farley Grubb, "The Net Worth of the U.S. Federal Government, 1784-1802" [abstractpaper]

2007-01 Farley Grubb, "Benjamin Franklin and the Birth of a Paper Money Economy" [paper]

2006-15 David R. Stockman, "Oil Shocks and Macroeconomic Activity: A Putty-Clay Perspective" [abstract, paper]

2006-14 Kenneth A. Lewis and Laurence S. Seidman, "Overcoming the Zero Interest-Rate Bound: A Quantitative Prescription" [paper]

2006-13 Kólver Hernández, "State-Dependent Nominal Rigidities & Disinflation Programs in Small Open Economies" [abstract, paper]

2006-12 Judy Kennedy, David R. Stockman, and James A. Yorke, "Inverse Limits and Models with Backward Dynamics" [abstract, paper]

2006-11 James G. Mulligan and Nilotpal Das, "Item Pricing Laws, Supplier Behavior, and the Diffusion of Time-Saving Technology Innovations" [abstract, paper]

2006-10 Jeffrey Miller, "Evolution of Mass Privatization in Bulgaria" [abstract, paper]

2006-09 James L. Butkiewicz, "Eugene Meyer: From Laissez Faire to the Keynesian Revolution" [abstract, paper]

2006-08 Marina Azzimonti-Renzo, Pierre-Daniel Sarte, and Jorge Soares, "Optimal Policy and (the Lack of) Time Inconsistency: Insights from Simple Models" [abstract, paper]

2006-07 Marina Azzimonti, Pierre-Daniel Sarte, and Jorge Soares, "Distortionary Taxes and Public Investment When Government Promises Are Not Enforceable" [abstract, paper]

2006-06 Richard Agnello and Xiaowen Xu, "Art Prices and Race: Paintings by African American Artists and Their White Contemporaries" [abstract, paper]

2006-05 Burton A. Abrams and Siyan Wang, "The Effect of Government Size on the Steady-State Unemployment Rate: A Structural Error Correction Model" [abstract, paper]

2006-04 Burton A. Abrams, "How Richard Nixon Pressured Arthur Burns: Evidence from the Nixon Tapes" [abstract, paper]

2006-03 David Stockman and Judy Kennedy, "Chaotic Equilibria in Models with Ill-Defined Forward Dynamics." [abstract, paper]

2006-02 Richard J. Agnello, "Do U.S. Paintings Follow the CAPM? Findings Disaggregated by Subject, Artist, and Value of the Work" [abstract, paper]

2006-01 James G. Mulligan, "Endogenously determined Quality and Price In a Two-Sector Competitive Service Market With an Application to Down-Hill Skiing" [abstract, paper]

2005-21 Jeffrey Miller, "Reform in Higher Education: Moving Beyond Transition" [abstract, paper]

2005-20 Kenneth Lewis and Laurence Seidman, "A Tax Rebate in A Recession: Is It Safe and Effective?" [abstract, paper]

2005-19 Kenneth Lewis and Laurence Seidman, "Can Fiscal Stimulus Overcome the Zero Interest-Rate Bound?: A Quantitative Assessment" [abstract, paper]

2005-18 Charles Link. "Why Does the Relationship between Economic Status and Child Health Strengthen for Old Children in the U.S.?  Evidence from the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey and the Panel Study of Income Dynamics" [abstract, paper]

2005-17 William Latham and Helen Bowers, "Information Asymmetries, Litigation Risk and the Demand for Fairness Opinions: Evidence  from U.S. Mergers & Acquisitions, 1980-2002" [abstract, paper]

2005-16 William Latham, C. Gay, and  C. Le Bas, "Collective Knowledge, Prolific Inventors and the Value of Inventions: An Empirical Study of French, German and British Owned U.S. Patents, 1975-1998." [abstract, paper]

2005-15  William R. Latham and Simon Condliffe, "Not So Footloose after All: Locational Behavior of Information Technology Establishments in the United States, 1989-1998" [abstract, paper]

2005-14  William R. Latham and Christian Le Bas, " Persistence of Firm Innovative Behavior: Towards an Evolutionary Theory." [abstract, paper]

2005-13  William R. Latham and Adrienne Donald, " Take Time to Smell the Flowers, Please! Public Gardens and Economic Development." [abstract, paper]

2005-12  John S. Ying and Joel S. Sternberg, "The Impact of Serial Correlation on Option Prices in a Non- Frictionless Environment: An Alternative Explanation for Volatility Skew." [abstract, paper]

2005-11 Jeffrey B. Miller and Kenneth Koford, "Contract Enforcement in the Early Transition to a Market Economy." [abstract, paper]

2005-10 Jeffrey B. Miller and Stoyan Tenev, "State and Ownership Reforms in Transition Economics: China vs. the Orthodoxy" [abstract,paper]

2005-09 Joseph I. Daniel and Katherine Thomas Harback, "Do Airlines that Dominate Traffic at Hub Airports Experience Less Delay?" [abstract, paper]

2005-08  Joseph I. Daniel and Katherine Thomas Harback, "(When) Do Hub Airlines Internalize Their Self-Imposed Congestion Delays?" [abstract, paper]

2005-07 Joseph I. Daniel and Munish Pahwa, "There and Back Again: Airline Routes, Fares and Passenger Flows in Network Equilibria." [paper]

2005-06  David R. Stockman, Judy Kennedy and James A. Yorke," Inverse Limits and Models with Ill-Defined Forward Dynamics." [abstract, paper]

2005-05  Jorge Soares, "A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis of the Political Economy of Public Education." [abstract, paper]

2005-04  Burton Abrams and Russell Settle, "Is Money Neutral in the Long Run?" [abstract, paper]

2005-03  Niloptal Das and James G. Mulligan, "Persistent Adoption of Time-Saving Process Innovations." [abstract, paper]

2005-02 James Butkiewicz and Halit Yanikkaya, "Time-Consistent Polities and Growth in Developing Countries: An Empirical Analysis." [abstract, paper]

2005-01 James Butkiewicz, "Governor Eugene Meyer and the Great Contraction." [abstract, paper]

2004-08  Farley Grubb, "The U.S. Constitution and Monetary Powers: An Analysis of the 1787 Constitutional Convention and How a Constitutional Transformation of the Nation's Monetary System Emerged" [abstract, paper]

2004-07  Farley Grubb "The Constitutional Creation of a Common Currency in the U.S., 1748-1811: Monetary Stabilization versus Merchant Rent-Seeking" [paper]

2004-06  Nilotpal Das and James G. Mulligan, "Vintage Effects and the Diffusion of Time-Saving Technological Innovations:  The Adoption of Optical Scanners by U.S. Supermarkets." [abstract, paper]

2004-05 Farley Grubb, "Purchasing Power Parity Across Six British Colonies Versus Across the Same Six U.S. States, 1748-1811." [abstract, paper]

2004-04 James L. Butkiewicz and Halit Yanikkaya, "Sociopolitical Instability and Long Run Economic Growth: a Cross Country Empirical Investigation." [paper]

2004-03 James L. Butkiewicz and Halit Yanikkaya, "Institutional Quality and Economic Growth: Maintenance of the Rule of Law or Democratic Institutions, or Both?" [abstract, paper]

2004-02 Laurence Seidman and Kenneth Lewis. "Transfers Plus Open-Market Purchases: A Remedy for Recession." [abstract, paper]

2004-01 Evangelos M. Falaris. "A Quantile Regression Analysis of Wages in Panama." [abstract, paper]

2003-15 Laurence Seidman and Kenneth Lewis. "Is a Tax Rebate an Effective Tool for Combating a Recession?: A Reply to Shapiro and Slemrod." [abstract, paper]

2003-14 Eleanor D. Craig. "Land Value Taxes and Wilmington, Delaware: A Case Study." [abstract, paper]

2003-13 Burton A. Abrams, Margaret Z. Clarke, and Russell F. Settle. "Do Banks Matter? A Credit View Model for Small Open Economies." [abstract, paper]

2003-12 David R. Stockman. "Sunspots in a Cash-in-Advance Model: A Quantitative Assessment." [abstract, paper]

2003-11 Stacie Beck and Cagay Coskuner. "Tax Effects on the Real Exchange Rate." [abstract, paper]

2003-10 James L. Butkiewicz and Matthew A. Martin, "Agricultural Investment and the Interwar Business Cycle."

2003-09 Burton A. Abrams and Russell F. Settle. "Do Fixed Exchange Rates Fetter Monetary Policy? A Credit View." [abstract, paper]

2003-08 Saul D. Hoffman, "The Socio-Economic Effects of Teen Childbearing Re-Considered: A Re-Analysis of the Teen Miscarriage Experiment." [abstract, paper]

2003-07 James L. Butkiewicz and Kim Lane Leong Long, "Predicting Interwar Business Cycles with the Interest Rate Yield Spread." [abstract, paper]

2003-06 James L. Butkiewicz and Halit Yanikkaya, "Capital Account Openness, International Trade, and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Investigation." [abstract, paper]

2003-05 James L. Butkiewicz and Halit Yanikkaya, "An Assessment of the Effectiveness of International Financial Intervention." [abstract, paper]

2003-04 Farley Grubb, "Babes in Bondage Parental Selling of Children to Finance Family Migration: The Case of German Migration to North America, 1720-1820." [abstract, paper]

2003-03 Farley Grubb, "Two Theories of Money Reconciled: The Colonial Puzzle Revisited with New Evidence." [abstract, paper]

The Lerner College is home to a state-of-the-art financial trading facility, the $1.5 million student-led Blue Hen Investment Club, a student-managed restaurant and hotel, a high-technology development center of a global bank and a start-up experience for students with new business ideas.

Undergraduate scholarships, made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends, enable us to support promising scholars. Here, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and his mother, Leni Markell, join recipients of the William Markell Scholarship (center), which benefits students in Accounting and MIS.

The Institute for Financial Services Analytics is a collaboration between the Lerner College, UD's College of Engineering and JPMorgan Chase, and hosts events for academics and the business community designed to address consumer analytics and industry applications.

All Lerner College departments offer discovery learning experiences and emphasize data-based analytics to enrich the student experience. Here, students at Vita Nova, our award-winning restaurant run through HRIM, joined professional chefs and winemakers in hosting a 2014 Mid-Atlantic Wine and Food Festival event.

Lerner College faculty - like Meryl Gardner, whose research on foods and moods was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology - are thought leaders who command attention from influential business audiences, economists and policy makers.

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