Christine Kydd

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs,
Professor and Area Head of Operations Management

Department: Business Administration
Campus Address: 223 Alfred Lerner Hall
Newark, DE 19716


Research Interests:

  • Use of videoconferencing for international teamwork, including the effects of culture; also the use of videoconferencing for facilitating student-to-student interaction across cultures.
  • Effective use of technology in the classroom for teaching Operations Management concepts.
  • Best practices for Study Abroad courses/trips for Business students.


  • B.A. - Bucknell University, Mathematics, 1973
  • M.B.A. - Drexel University, Quantitative Systems Analysis/MIS, 1977
  • Ph.D. - Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Decisions Sciences, 1984
  • Curriculum vitae


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Awards & Honors

  • Received Student Choice Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2012, Lerner College of Business & Economics. 
  • Received Delaware Professor of the Year Award, 2003, awarded by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Council for Advancement and Support of Education         (Nominated for 2003 US Professor of the Year award by the University of Delaware from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Council for Advancement and Support of Education)
  • Received University of Delaware Excellence-in-Teaching Award, 1995
  • Received Outstanding Associate Editor for the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 2012.



  • BUAD306 Introduction to Operations Management
  • BUAD346 Analysis of Operations Problems
  • BUAD446 Operations Planning and Control
  • BUEC432 Systems Development
  • BUEC431 Project Management
  • BUAD467 High Tech Business Issues and Decision Making
  • BUAD110 Basics of Business (and coordinated the link to ENGL110 sections)
  • BUAD448 Decision Support Systems for Operations Management
  • BUAD167 Introduction to Business for Majors
  • BUAD449 Project Management for Operations


  • BUAD830 Decision Support Systems
  • BUAD810 Titans, Teams and Technology
  • BUAD836 Problem Structuring and Analysis of Decisions
  • BUAD831 Operations Management & Management Science
  • BUAD865 Seminar on Business Processes and Operations Management



The Lerner College is home to a state-of-the-art financial trading facility, the $1.5 million student-led Blue Hen Investment Club, a student-managed restaurant and hotel, a high-technology development center of a global bank and a start-up experience for students with new business ideas.

Undergraduate scholarships, made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends, enable us to support promising scholars. Here, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and his mother, Leni Markell, join recipients of the William Markell Scholarship (center), which benefits students in Accounting and MIS.

The Institute for Financial Services Analytics is a collaboration between the Lerner College, UD's College of Engineering and JPMorgan Chase, and hosts events for academics and the business community designed to address consumer analytics and industry applications.

All Lerner College departments offer discovery learning experiences and emphasize data-based analytics to enrich the student experience. Here, students at Vita Nova, our award-winning restaurant run through HRIM, joined professional chefs and winemakers in hosting a 2014 Mid-Atlantic Wine and Food Festival event.

Lerner College faculty - like Meryl Gardner, whose research on foods and moods was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology - are thought leaders who command attention from influential business audiences, economists and policy makers.

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