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This Dual Degree Broadens Job Candidates’ Opportunities

Program Highlights

The 57-credit MBA/M.A. dual degree program allows you to earn an MBA and an M.A. in economics.

The MBA/M.A. program combines applied economics with traditional MBA skills to prepare you for a professional career involving the application of economic analysis in both the public and private sectors.

Program Requirements

  • Prerequisites include passing a math requirement exam
  • Complete 57 credits of graduate coursework
  • Attend at least 10 economics seminars
  • Pass comprehensive exams

Suggested course sequence.

Required Courses (39 credits)

ECON801 Microeconomics
ACCT800 Financial Reporting and Analysis
BUAD820 Statistical Data Analysis for Business
ECON803 Applied Econometrics I
FINC850 Financial Management
BUAD870 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
BUAD880 Marketing Management
ECON802 Macroeconomics
ACCT801 Management Accounting and Control
BUAD831 Operations Management and Management Science
BUAD840 Ethical Issues in Domestic and International Business Environments
BUAD890 Corporate Strategy

Electives: choose six courses (18 credits)

Choose six courses (18 credits) from among Lerner College graduate classes in economics, accounting, business administration, finance or management information systems.

An international elective, such as ECON 841 (International Trade and Development) or ECON 845 (Development Economics) is required. Graduate-level courses with a similar global focus in other departments can be allowed with prior approval of the MBA program manager.

If you have not taken a substantial number of economics courses in your undergraduate program, you may need to take additional courses.

Admissions Information

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