Application Guidelines

Applications are accepted at any time up until a week before classes begin and you may begin in the fall, summer or spring semesters. Applicants are considered for admission on a rolling basis. Applicants are required to possess an earned Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Students with an MBA from UD or another AACSB accredited school will be offered expedited admissions (only requiring a transcript and a 3.0 GPA). Students currently in the MBA program cannot apply for the certificate until they complete the MBA or leave the program.

Application Deadlines

Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year. Students may start in any of the four 7-week online semesters or in one of the on-campus semesters. The deadlines are the same as the on-campus and online MBA programs.

Course Waiver/Substitutions

Course Waiver/Substitutions are available to students who have previously completed an MBA from an AACSB-accredited program or who meet the course waiver requirement based on prior coursework. The student may choose to waive a course and replace it with another course in their graduate certificate program. For example, if a student has taken BUAD820 or its equivalent then they may select another business analytics elective.

Students can use up to a total of 12 credits from the certificate to waive 12 credits toward their MBA at UD but will need to apply for admission and be accepted to the MBA program. Certificate courses cannot be used to earn an MBA concentration or major. If they want to earn an MBA concentration or major they would need to take 9 or 15 additional credits in that area.

Admissions Requirements

1. Online Application

Begin assembling your required application materials as electronic documents before completing the online graduate application. Do not mail any documents.

2. Application Fee

A $75 application fee is due when you submit your online application.

Application Fee Waiver
Application fees are waived for candidates applying to the graduate certificate program who achieve a total score of 600 or greater on the GMAT or 310+ (Verbal Score + Quantitative Score) on the GRE.

After receipt of official GMAT scores, the application fee will be automatically waived. If your GRE scores qualify you for a waiver, please have the official scores reported to UD and send an email to  to request the fee waiver.

3. Bachelor’s Degree

A four-year U.S. Bachelor’s degree in any academic field from an accredited college or university is required. If you have a three-year non-U.S. degree, you may request a review for determination as to equivalency by emailing  after you have uploaded your transcripts, resume, GMAT/GRE as well as TOEFL/IELTS scores to the application.

Typically, our applicants have an undergraduate GPA of 2.8 or higher.

4. Transcripts

An unofficial transcript is required with your application. You should visit the Registrar’s page of your home institution (post-high school institutions only) to print an unofficial copy to create your scan. If your home institution does not provide this service, ask for a student copy to create your scan. Do not mail official transcripts during the applicant stage.

Please visit  for more detailed information.

5. Personal Statement / Essay

Responses to the following prompts. We are looking for insightful, specific and brief essays.

  1. Outline your educational plans and career goals and discuss how your proposed plan of graduate study relates to them. What are the specific attributes of the program at UD that lead you to believe that this program is appropriate to help you achieve your professional objectives? Within the area of study you have selected, are there areas of special interest to you?
  2. Please critique our effort to market the Lerner graduate certificate programs by using specific examples of where and how you heard about our program and honestly assess how effective that vehicle was in drawing you to apply for admission. What are some strengths of these marketing efforts and what could be done better? What is the best way to reach prospective students like you?

6. Resume

A resume, or curriculum vitae, that documents your prior work experience, publications, honors and awards received, and a summary of your educational credentials.

7. Two Letters of Recommendation

You provide names and email addresses for your recommenders, and recommendation forms are emailed directly to them from the online application. Instructions are included as to how to return the completed forms electronically.

8. GMAT/GRE Scores

The GMAT (preferred) or GRE (accepted) exam is required as part of the application.
Competitive scores:

  • GMAT: overall score of 550 or above and scores which are greater than 50% in each sub-score
  • GRE: overall score of 306 or above with a Quantitative score of 155, Verbal score of 151 and Analytical Writing score of 4

If you have not yet received your official score, list the unofficial score on your application and make sure to have your official scores reported to UD.

LSAT and MCAT scores are considered in lieu of the GMAT/GRE score if you have taken one of them for law or medical school admission and hold a law or medical degree.


Exceptions are made through a waiver (note that a test score waiver does not guarantee admission) if you hold a terminal (highest degree that can be awarded in a given field) degree (MD, JD, Ph.D., Ed.D., etc.) or if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • four or more years of full-time progressive, professional work experience post-undergraduate degree, and
  • an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.8
  • grades of at least a ‘B’ in two non-introductory college level math courses at the statistics and/or calculus level. All math grades will be reviewed and grades below “B” in any quantitative course will be considered when making the waiver decision.
  • In addition, a review of the entire application will be made to ensure writing/English proficiency. We consider both the writing quality of your application essays and your grades earned in English/Writing intensive courses.

Exceptions are also made through a waiver for UD Lerner alumni with at least 6 months of post-undergraduate full-time professional work experience who have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and grades of “B” (not B-) or higher in at least two, 200-level STAT or MATH courses. MISY262 (Fundamentals of Business Analytics) can count as one of the courses. The above guidelines with regards to a review of all quantitative and English courses apply to all applicants when waiver decisions are made.

GMAT/GRE waiver requests are made at the time of application by selecting that option when completing the test information section of the application. Please note: Only applicants who believe they meet all of the criteria for a waiver should make a request for a review. If your waiver request is denied, you will be notified by the admissions office and you will be given the opportunity to take the test prior to admission consideration. If a waiver is granted, it does not guarantee admission, as the entire application is considered when making admission decisions.

International applicants must also submit a TOEFL score for waiver consideration so that English skills from both that test and from what is evident on transcripts can be assessed.

9. Work Experience

The typical applicant has two or more years of experience (work experience, volunteer work, community service, internships, significant academic projects, etc.) but all applicants are considered even if they have limited professional experience. Outstanding undergraduate GPAs and GMAT/GRE scores will strengthen your application if you have less than two years of experience.

10. International Student Requirements and Programs

Language Test Requirement

International applicants must submit one of the following:

  • Proof of having earned a degree in either the United States or a country where the primary language is English;
  • TOEFL score of 100 or higher; or
  • IELTS score of 7.5 or higher

The Graduate & Professional Education office provides more detailed TOEFL information.