Teaching Tools

Council on Economic Education (CEE) 
The CEE is a nationwide network whose mission is to promote economic literacy in students and their teachers. Online resources include free and for-sale lesson plans for K-12 teachers and their students and recent news stories for education on current issues in economic and financial literacy. Information on affiliated networks and centers in states throughout the country is also provided.

Search for K-12 lessons by one or all of the following characteristics: economic concept, subject, grade level, and standard, and read reviews written by teachers who have used the lesson in their classrooms.

Education World 
This site includes lessons about budgets, credit cards, producers and consumers, opportunity costs, and business plans.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ econlowdown
Download FREE classroom resources for K-16 educators to use to teach about money and banking, economics, personal finance and the Federal Reserve. These include videos and online courses for flipping your classroom, podcasts and flashcards for student review, lesson plans, whiteboard activities and more.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Education
The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia offers professional development for educators and free K-12 classroom resources for teaching economics and personal finance. These  include publications, lessons and the new video series The Federal Reserve and You.

Federal Reserve Education 
Here you can find links to free instructional materials and tools that can increase your understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics and financial education.

NAEE Tools for Selecting Classroom Resources
These evaluation instruments were developed by the National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) to assist teachers, schools and districts in the selection of materials to ensure that resource content is accurate and unbiased and that pedagogy is sound. Separate instruments are to be used when selecting an individual lesson, a curriculum package, a textbook, or another resource (video, podcast, etc.). A glossary of related terms is also provided.

Practical Money Skills for Life 
This website offers free lesson plans, classroom tools and student activities relating to personal finance. It also allows you to match the information provided on the site to your state standards.

Statistic Sites

Curriculum Resources

Delaware State Standards for Social Studies, including Economics: K-12 and Personal Finance: High School

Student Resources and Games

Financial Football 
Tackle financial questions like a professional in this fast-paced, quiz-style game. Gather your friends and form two teams. Then answer some finance-themed questions to earn yardage and score touchdowns!

Parent Resources

6 Steps to Raising Financially Responsible Children 
This site outlines 6 steps to promote financial literacy in your children. Steps include addressing family culture surrounding money, cash flow, goals, saving and investing, credit and debt and planning.

Practical Money Skills for Life 
For Parents: offers news and practical money tips for all ages including budget calculators and much more. Also includes activities for parents to do with their children about personal finance topics. These exciting online games will challenge your “money smarts,” while providing you with hours of free entertainment and fun!!

Visitors can listen any time (via this site) to recent broadcasts of this popular radio show on personal finance. The resources section includes listings of web sites, books, etc. related to weekly broadcasts. There’s also a forum for sharing tips on saving money.

The Mint
The Mint has valuable information about how to talk to your kids about money and tips on how to get the most out of your money. This site is designed to help teach 6-12 graders to manage money. The information and activities (quizzes, calculators, and budgets) will prepare you to make wise financial choices in the areas of saving, spending, earning, investing, tracking and borrowing. You can find tips to teaching your children good personal finance habits including giving an allowance, writing checks, and saving.

Wise Pockets 
This interactive site is for kids, parents, and teachers and assists in learn about managing money. You’ll meet Wisepockets and fellow characters and discover their adventures as they learn to earn, save, spend responsibly, lend and borrow money. After each story, is a quiz you can take to earn fun and useful prizes, such as an exciting spending log. Parents will find important tips in communication with their children about finances, as well as several educational activities on income, spending, saving, and credit to be done together.