Lerner College hospitality faculty members have received several prestigious awards in both academia and industry, with four of our faculty members ranked in the top 20 hospitality faculty in the world. Notable awards include:

Faculty member Zvi Schwartz
Faculty Spotlight
Zvi Schwartz is a Professor in our Department of Hotel Business Management. His scholarly research and industry consulting focus on the core technical and strategic elements of the revenue management cycle: forecasting, optimization and monitoring, as well as the closely related topics of strategic pricing, and consumer and firm decisions in advanced reservation environments. Schwartz’ recent projects explore novel hotel forecasting approaches, occupancy forecasting accuracy measures, hotel competitive sets, overbooking optimization and revenue management performance measures.

Selected Publications

Our faculty members regularly publish research in top journals, enabling them to teach cutting-edge material in our classes. Some examples include:

Schwartz, Z., Altin, M. & Singal, M. (2016). Lodging performance metrics and strategic revenue management practices: RevPAR vs. GOPPAR, Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management. doi: 10.1057/rpm.2016.23

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