Expand your opportunity in five years.

Save time and enter the job market or apply to a Ph.D. program sooner. If you pursue a B.S. in economics or a B.S. in the mathematics-economics program, you can earn your master’s degree in economics as well, and complete both your undergraduate and graduate degree in five years.

Program Requirements

Apply to the program in the spring semester of your junior year. Only full-time students are eligible.

The program allows you to take some graduate courses in your senior year and reduces the required credits for your undergraduate degree by up to six. This allows both degrees to be earned within five years. All course requirements for your graduate degree must be fulfilled.

Up to two courses (6 credits) may be “dual-counted” toward the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Both dual-counted courses must be 800-level courses. The minimum grade for dual-counted courses is “B.”

Up to four courses (12 credits) of graduate work may be taken while an undergraduate and count toward the graduate degree (two courses shared and two courses distinctly graduate).

Mathematics and Economics Majors

The mathematics and economics major requires one economics course at the 400 level beyond ECON 101, 103, 301, 304, 306, 422 and 426. For the program, you must take one dual-counted course in place of one of the following courses: ECON 410, 423, 430, 443, or 460. The other dual-counted course must be taken as a free elective. The total undergraduate economics courses for this major including the dual counted courses, one of which is taken as a free elective, is nine (27 credits).

Admission to the Accelerated Degree Program

You must meet the following requirements for admission.

  1. The GRE is waived.
  2. Minimum GPA 3.5 in economics courses
  3. A written statement of goals and objectives including a statement that clearly identifies your interest in the program
  4. Three letters of recommendation from UD faculty, at least one from economics faculty, which comment explicitly on your ability to do graduate-level work

The application deadline is April 15. You will be notified of the decision in the summer, after your junior year grades have been recorded.

Tuition and Fees

During your first four years in the mathematics and economics program, you pay undergraduate tuition and fees. During the fifth year of study, and any additional time if it becomes necessary, applicable tuition and fees are those for graduate students.