Learn to predict human behavior by becoming a marketing data scientist.

The marketing analytics MBA concentration gives you integrative, practical experience in both traditional and digital marketing contexts.

You will work with real data to extract usable insights using sophisticated analyses tools. Specifically, you’ll be trained in R, the latest, most versatile programming language. This will enable you to glean, evaluate and interpret patterns from consumer databases that are used in modern quantitative marketing decision-making.

Our marketing analytics concentration constantly evolves based on developments in marketing research and industry needs. It covers the following topics:

  • Experimentation, sample design and hypothesis testing
  • Regression analysis and demand models
  • Perceptual mapping with factor analysis
  • Market simulation via conjoint analysis
  • Market segmentation with cluster analysis
  • Predictive modeling with classification methods (e.g., logistic regression) and targeting via market basket association rules
  • Search engine optimization, PPC/SEM, advanced web analytics and intelligence
  • Social media marketing and analytics, social media actions and hyperlink analytics
  • Network analysis and social network mapping
  • Textual analysis/algorithms
  • Geo-location analytics
  • Mobile analytics

Program Requirements

MBA concentrations require 3 courses in a specific field. Suggested course sequence:

Courses (9 credits)
BUAD 681 – Research Methods for Marketing Decisions
BUAD 691 – Customer Analytics
BUAD 693 – Digital Marketing Analytics
In addition to the 9 prescribed credits of the concentration, you will choose an additional 6 credits of electives.

Career Opportunities

  • Market research associate
  • Market analytics specialist
  • Customer analytics manager
  • Digital marketing associate/specialist/manager
  • Data manager/Data scientist
  • Data analytics associate

Admissions Information

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