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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Adam Sexton May 15, 2017

The Lerner Diversity Council in the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics hosted the final lunch and learn of the semester on Friday, May 12, and featured student startup Reviresco.

The talk by Reviresco members, held in the Lerner Hall atrium, focused on initiating and facilitating conversations that will promote a more positive relationship between military veterans and everyday civilians.

Founded by UD senior international relations and Chinese major Micah Peterson, an Honors Program student and winner of the 2017 Alexander J. Taylor Sr. Award, Reviresco is a student-run social venture that aims to bridge the civilian military divide by engaging, educating and empowering society to go beyond saying “Thank you for your service.”

“What we do is we forget that they’re people,” said Peterson. “We forget that they’re individuals just like anybody else.”

Reviresco decided to partner with the Lerner Diversity Council to bring light to the fact that military veterans are a part of our society that often get overlooked as a minority group.

“When we think of diversity we think of race, but diversity is so much more than that, and specifically in this context it’s our veterans,” said Peterson. “We often talk about the one percent in our society, but this is another one percent – those who choose to serve.”

The event featured several videos, a mini workshop and a conversation amongst attendees, focusing on how civilians can openly converse with veterans.

“The responsibility falls on us to be able to have these conversations,” said Peterson. “We shouldn’t be afraid to have those conversations, because when we don’t have them that’s when stereotypes and prejudices are created.”

Throughout the year, Reviresco visits corporations and educational institutions to spread their mission and promote a more inclusive environment for veterans. They also hold an annual 1,400-mile run from New York to Miami.

The Lerner Diversity Council, which was founded last year by the Lerner College, is made up of students, faculty and staff and aims to carry out UD’s efforts to strengthen diversity, educate the community and improve campus climate.

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