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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner March 1, 2018

The United Soccer Coaches Master Coach Diploma / University of Delaware Master Coach Certificate is the educational pinnacle of United Soccer Coaches.

Video Transcript

Matthew Robinson, Professor at the University of Delaware, Director, Master Coach – The Master Coach Soccer Leader Program is a certificate offered by the University of Delaware in partnership with the United Soccer Coaches.

Andrew Donnery, Academic Director, Master Coach – The United Soccer Coaches is the largest soccer coaches association in the world with over 30,000 members.

Ian Barker, Director of Coach Education, United Soccer Coaches – And what we realized, there was a space, if you will, in the marketplace for coaches that needed a little bit more. Many of these coaches that come to our program have previously taken the technical awards through US Soccer, United Soccer Coaches or UEFA and they are looking for something a little bit above and beyond the technical x’s and o’s.

Andrew Donnery – This course is unlike any other course that is currently being offered in the US.

Steve Davis, Program Alumni, 2014 – There’s a blend of on field classrooms sessions that really stretches your comfort zones but I think that’s when you start to realize that progress is taking place and development is continuing within you.

Sarah Mcquade, Master Coach Faculty – What this course allows them to do is to understand the principles of coach development and actually embed some of those principals in a very applied, very practical way.

Steve Davis – What makes the course unique is the individual project that the participant has to complete. We use problem based learning philosophy and they look at their environment and they look at themselves and they find a weakness or a gap that they are looking to develop and from there they work with a highly respected tutor to develop the project, implement the project and then they come to the United Soccer Coach convention each year and present their findings, which will lead to them earning their certificate.

Andrew Ransom, Program Alumni, 2018 – The experience I’ve had with the program, probably a credible discovery of personal understanding of what it takes to be a coach and also to be a coach mentor. Interacting with all the other coaches, learning from people who have experience in different spheres of the game, that was something that enabled me to expand my horizons as a coach and increase my overall ability and understanding of the game itself.

Jerome Vivona, Program Alumni, 2013 – I think what struck me most about the learning environment that was created in the classroom was the professionalism and the diversity of the other candidates. It created an air of collegiality and collaboration that had me challenging most of my longest held beliefs and it opened up different pathways for me to solve problems.

Steve Davis – Personal development begins with a choice so it’s a responsibility as well for us to develop ourselves so we can develop the people we work with. This course offers that.

Andrew Ransom – I’m really grateful for the experience and I think as a coach I’ve really grown within the profession and hopefully I can take that information now back to the club at which I work and help other coaches achieve that potential as well.