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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

Charles R. Link

Photograph Image of Charles Link
Title Bank of America Professor of Business, Professor of Economics
Email clink@nospam65736a52b44e3.udel.edu
Office 408 Purnell Hall


  • Ph.D. in economics, University of Wisconsin, 1971
  • M.A. in economics, University of Wisconsin, 1968
  • B.A. in economics, University of Missouri, 1966

Select Publications

  • With David Hunt, “Better Outcomes at Lower Costs? The Effect of Public Health Expenditures on Hospital Efficiency,’ With David Hunt, Applied Economics, vol. 52, issue 4, 2020, pp. 400-415.
  • “Factors Affecting the Labor Supply Decisions of Registered Nurses,” With Simon Condliffe and Sezin Zengin, Contemporary Economic Policy, vol. 38 no. 1, Jan. 2020,  pp. 400-415.
  • “Classmates’ Effects on Black Student Achievement in Public School Classrooms,” with J. Mulligan. Economics of Education Review, 1991, pp. 297-311.
  • “A Panel Analysis of Student Mathematics Achievement in the U.S. in the 1990s:  Does Increasing the Amount of Time in Learning Activities Affect Math Achievement?” with Tevik Aksoy. Economics of Education Review, July, 2000.
  • “The Shortage of Registered Nurses and Some New Estimates of the Effects of Wages on RN Labor Supply:  A Look at the Past and a Preview of the 21st Century,” with Yvana Chiha. Health Policy, vol. 64, 2003, pp. 349-375.
  • “The Relationship between Economic Status and Child Health:  Evidence from the U.S.,” with Simon Condliffe. American Economic Review, vol. 98, 2008 pp. 1605-1618.
  • “Population and Bandwagon Effects on Local Team Revenues in Major League Baseball,” with Daniel Brown. Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 9, 2008, number 5, pp. 470-487.
  • “Contract Length and Salaries:  Compensating Wage Differentials,” with Martin Yosifov. Journal of Sports Economics, February 2012, Vol. 13, number 1, pp. 3-19.
  • “The Success and Failure of Counseling Agency Debt Repayment Plans,” with Dan Brown and Mike Staten. Eastern Economic Journal, January 2012, pp. 99-117.
  • “Cumulative Effects on Weight Due to an Initial Occupational Choice as a Blue Collar Worker,” with Bogdan Nedanov. Eastern Economic Journal, vol. 4, pp. 430-442.
  • “Moneyball After 10 Years:  How Have Major League Baseball Salaries Adjusted?” with Dan Brown and Seth Rubin. Journal of Sports Economics, October 2015.
  • “Does Option Theory Hold for Major League Baseball Contracts?” with Alex Gross. Economic Inquiry, January 2017.

Awards & Honors

  • Named The Bank of America Professor of Business in 2002
  • Outstanding Teacher Award in 1995 in the Department of Economics
  • University of Delaware Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award in 2000
  • Outstanding Teacher Award in 2014 for the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics
  • Grants received from: Unidel Foundation, University of Delaware; University of Delaware Research Foundation, State of Delaware; U.S. Department of Labor; U.S.
  • PI or investigator – externally funded research grants.
  • PI – grants from UD and affiliated sources.

Curriculum Vitae

Download Charles R. Link’s CV (PDF)