Lerner alumni represent generations of talented, engaged graduates from across the globe.

Some facts about our graduates:

  • There are currently over 38,600 Lerner alumni.
  • Lerner alumni can be found in 81 different countries.
  • Financial services is the most popular career area for Lerner alumni.
  • Other popular fields of work include information services, education, government, health services, human resources, hotel/restaurant services, law, manufacturing, real estate and sales.
  • 80% of Lerner alumni earned an undergraduate degree, while 17% earned a graduate degree. 3% hold both an undergraduate and graduate degree from Lerner.

How to Get Involved

Through networking and volunteer opportunities, mentorships and employment, Lerner alumni share a lifelong commitment to the present and future of the University. Here are some of the ways you can stay connected to your alma mater:

Alumni Awards 2022

One of the many ways Lerner College fosters alumni engagement is by recognizing excellence. The prestigious Alumni Award of Excellence is presented each year to a select few alumni who have exhibited exceptional accomplishments. Nominations are solicited from alumni and the University community, and selection is based on professional accomplishments, contribution to the community and commitment to excellence.

Alumni Award of Excellence

  • John Michael (Mike) Devenney
  • Brett Burkey

Rising Star Award

  • Georgina Class-Peters



For more information on Lerner alumni relations, email rcoffin@udel.edu.