The Lerner Executive Mentoring Program matches Lerner students with executives whose professional backgrounds are complementary to the students’ career objectives. Mentorships have resulted in an increase in student confidence in entering the workforce, expansion of networks and overall professional growth.

Mentors have 10 or more years of progressive career experience and passion to help our students succeed. If you’re interested in joining the program as a mentor, complete the Mentor Registration Form.

Students can register to be matched 1:1 with a mentor in the Fall 2020 by completing the Student Registration Form.

If you need more information about the program, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions.

An Introduction to the Lerner Executive Mentoring Program
In this video, you’ll learn more about the value of the Lerner Executive Mentoring Program to students and mentors.
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Five Reasons to Become a Mentor/Mentee - In celebration of National Mentoring Month this January, Assistant Director of the Lerner Career Services Center Sarah Baker Andrus shared her top five reasons to become a mentor or mentee.

Student and Mentor Testimonials

“Without the mentoring program, I wouldn’t feel as confident as I do now networking with others and going into interviews.”

– Megan McAloon, Operations Management major, UD Class of ’20

“My mentor has helped me with everything from resume help, networking skills and interview prep to advice for life post-graduation, for my first job and applications to scholarships. Her help has been so valuable to me and her support has meant just as much.”

– Amanda Flores, Finance & Chinese major, UD Class of ’19

“The program is excellent – a huge benefit to the students, and personally satisfying to me.”

– Peter Saitis, CFO, Ecore International Inc.

“I get a real kick out of working with these incredibly talented young men and women.  It gives me a great hope that the future is very positive”

– Mary Ellen Payne, VP of Marketing & Sales – Mid-Atlantic Region (Retired), Verizon


Libby Cusack, program coordinator