Faculty & Research

At the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, our 159 tenured, tenure-track and continuing track faculty are active in both academic and industry environments. The scholarship they produce generates and applies knowledge that helps solve business and economic problems.

Notable Lerner faculty successes in 2022:

Faculty Research Highlights

Areas of faculty research expertise include women in leadership, economic development, health care and education in Africa and other third world countries, cybersecurity, corporate social responsibility, FinTech and social media content analysis.

Here are some of the top faculty research highlights from each of our five academic departments this year:

Francisco Costa

Assistant Professor of Economics

Costa and co-authors published "How to Attract Physicians to Underserved Areas? Policy Recommendations from a Structural Model" in Review of Economics and Statistics.

Xiao Fang

Professor of Management Information Systems, JPMorgan Chase Fellow
Fang and co-authors published "Understanding Reasons for Medication Nonadherence from Social Media: A Sentiment-Enriched Deep Learning Approach" in MIS Quarterly.

Matthias Fleckenstein

Associate Professor of Finance

Fleckenstein, with Francis A. Lonsgstaff, published "The Market Risk Premium for Unsecured Consumer Credit Risk" in Review of Financial Studies.

Dan Lee

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Lee and Indu Khurana published the paper "Gender Bias in High Stakes Pitching: An NLP Approach" in Small Business Economics.

Nir Yehuda

Associate Professor of Accounting

Yehuda was the lead author of "Unemployment Risk and Debt Contract Design," published in The Accounting Review.

Joanne Jung-Eun Yoo

Associate Professor of Hospitality Business Management, Associate Chair

Yoo and co-authors published "Particulate Matter Source Attribution and Restaurant Mitigation Behavioral Intentions: An Application of Attribution Theory" in International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

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