How technology could make hotels feel more like home - A hotel room door that opens with your smartphone – no room key required. In-room virtual reality glasses providing virtual tours of famous landmarks. Smart device-controlled lighting and thermostat, a smart TV connected to your Netflix account, and smart room service that accepts smartphone orders. These innovations and more are on the horizon to become […]
Amanda Bullough on women’s leadership and gender equity - In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, this guest post from the Lerner College’s Amanda Bullough, professor of management, is a message to her children and students on the future of women’s leadership and gender equity.
John D'Arcy How moods can impact cybersecurity behavior - As professionals return to work after holidays, their moods are undoubtedly affected by the emotional impact of their holiday experiences, but these moods may be more critical to workplace cybersecurity than previously realized.
Developing women’s leadership potential in Africa - Amanda Bullough, assistant professor of management at the Lerner College and co-leader of Lerner’s Women’s Leadership Forum, spent five weeks this past summer working with an esteemed group of young women from five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Globalizing the boardroom - As the world becomes more globally interconnected, companies may wonder whether their boardrooms should become more global as well. Recent research from Fei Xie, associate professor of finance for the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, contributes to this debate on corporate globalization by examining the effects of foreign directors on […]
The Internet of Things: Interview with an Expert - You’ve heard the term before: The Internet of Things (IoT). But what does this buzzword really mean? And what are the ramifications of the IoT on the business world? In this interview, Lerner College assistant professor of operations management Junbo Son explains how the IoT could revolutionize the way we collect and analyze business data. […]