Shaping the Future in the Present - In a field study spanning a decade, UD’s Shubha Patvardhan studied one pioneering company’s actions to show how they shaped the future of their industry.
Graphic of people with thought bubbles showing emotions. Mixed Feelings - New research from UD professor of management Kyle Emich found that that team members’ different emotions impact team creativity, and we can now predict how.
Smith Cited Among Top 1% of Economics and Business Researchers - University of Delaware professor of management Wendy Smith is cited among top 1% of influential researchers in business and economics, according to the Web of Science Group’s 2019 Highly Cited Researchers list.
Bintong Chen speaks at IFSA Conference. Exploring Machine Learning in Financial Services - UD's Institute for Financial Services Analytics 2019 Conference brought together industry and academia to discuss machine learning’s impact on financial services.
Illustration of a woman facing a ladder and a man facing stairs 5 Tips for Creating a Gender Equitable Workplace - Professor of Management and Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Women's Leadership Initiative, Amanda Bullough, shared five action steps that organizations can examine and improve in order to create more gender equitable workplaces.
Research from UD shows that hotels increase pricing for longer stays, contrary to consumer expectations. Higher Prices for Longer Stays - Research from a UD professor and graduate students shows that hotels increase prices for longer stays, and looks at the implications of the gap between this pricing and customer expectations.
Stolen Credit Cards in Hands of Thief Trying to Use Cards Online without Owner Permission. Online Payments Security and Identity Theft Concept Photo. Tackling a $30 billion-dollar problem - UD’s Bintong Chen and Deshen Wang created a new strategy for detecting credit card fraud that could increase profits and consumer surplus by about 10 percent.
Matthew Gentry, Alex Huey, David Mahon and Apruva Shukla smile after the announcement that their team, the Buzzer Beaters, had won the 2019 Carol A. Ammon Case Competition. A Case for Newark - The 20th Anniversary of the Carol A. Ammon Case Competition asked graduate students to make a business plan for the Newark Partnership, a community coalition for Newark, DE.
Team competes in case competition. MBA Students Impress at International Case Competition - Four MBA students began the new year in Montreal, Canada as the first UD team to participate in the John Molson MBA International Case Competition.
The demand for collaboration between STEM and business is on the rise and several programs at the Lerner College are rising to meet that demand. The Odd Couple: STEM and Business - STEM-designated master’s degrees from the Lerner College equip today’s business graduates to drive change, creativity and advancements in any field and industry.