Faculty Awards – 2023

Outstanding Junior Faculty Scholar

Sal Mistry

Assistant Professor of Management

The Lerner College Outstanding Junior Faculty Scholar Award is awarded to a full-time, untenured faculty member to recognize outstanding scholarship or other contributions to Lerner College initiatives. Their scholarship includes publications in high-quality, well-respected journals and may also include conference presentations and publications, citation by other scholars, or other external recognition of a potentially consequential and impactful research stream. The 2023 recipient is Sal Mistry.


Outstanding Teacher

Mark Serva

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems

The Lerner College Outstanding Teacher Award is awarded to a full time faculty member to recognize outstanding overall contribution to the Lerner College’s educational mission. They evidence classroom performance by outstanding teaching evaluations or letters of recommendation by current or former students, pedagogical innovation and program development, advising, mentoring and career guidance. The 2023 recipient is Mark Serva.


Outstanding Faculty Scholar

Laura Field

Donald J. Puglisi Professor of Finance

The Lerner College Outstanding Scholar Award is awarded to a full-time faculty member to recognize outstanding scholarship by a Lerner College faculty member over a sustained period of time. Scholarship may include books and chapters, journal publications, conference presentations and publications, invited lectures, editorships, citation by other scholars and other external recognition (e.g., professional society nominations, prizes). The 2023 recipient is Laura Field.


Outstanding Faculty Service

Anu Sivaraman

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Director of the Lerner Diversity Council

The Lerner College Outstanding Outreach/Service Award is awarded to a full-time faculty member to recognize outstanding outreach/service contributions, particularly those which significantly impact the department, college, community, state, region and/or international constituencies. The 2023 recipient is Anu Sivaraman.


Staff Excellence in Service

Denise Waters

Director, Recruitment & Admissions

The Lerner College Staff Excellence in Service Award is awarded to an exempt or non-exempt staff for exemplary service to the College. The recipient demonstrates a sustained commitment to provide excellent service to students, alumni, faculty and staff, go above and beyond to be helpful and ensure that interactions with students and colleagues are exceptional and problems are resolved. The 2023 recipient is Denise Waters.


Staff Excellence in Innovation

Jill Panté

Director of Career Services

The Lerner College Staff Innovation Award is awarded to a staff member for dedication to continuously improving customer satisfaction and finding creative and appropriate solutions to customer problems. They demonstrate exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication and cooperation among colleagues and members of the college community. The 2023 recipient is Jill Panté.


Slocomb Professional Excellence Award

Scott Bacon

Assistant Director of the Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship, Delaware Stock Market Game Coordinator

The Leon & Margaret Slocomb Professional Excellence Award is awarded each year to a full-time faculty or professional staff member in the Lerner College who exhibits a caring attitude in the interest of students and clients. They demonstrate an exemplary commitment to public service, community involvement and innovative activity. The 2023 recipient is Scott Bacon.


Outstanding Adjunct Instructor Award

Anatoliy Anguelov

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems

The Outstanding Adjunct Instructor Award is awarded each year to an instructor of Lerner College courses who is not a full-time employee of the University of Delaware. This award recognizes outstanding contributions through adjunct teaching, mentoring students and providing experiences which enrich the academic programs of the college. The 2023 recipient is Anatoliy Anguelov.


MBA Teaching Award

John Stocker

Assistant Professor of Finance and Associate Chairperson, Department of Finance

The MBA Teaching Award s given annually by the MBA & Graduate Student Association to the Lerner professor who best exemplifies excellence in teaching graduate MBA courses. The 2023 recipient is John Stocker. The honorable mention recipient is Dustin Sleesman.


Student Choice Teaching Award

Roger Coffin

Director of Corporate Affairs, Professor of Practice

The Excellence in Teaching Award is given annually by the Lerner Student Advisory Board to the Lerner professor who best exemplifies excellence in teaching undergraduate business courses. The 2023 recipient is Roger Coffin. The runners-up are Edward Hartono and Jens Schubert.