Michal Herzenstein

Title Associate Professor of Marketing
Email michalh@nospam666c11677f560.udel.edu
Office 113 Alfred Lerner Hall


Michal Herzenstein studies decision making, and is especially interested in predicting various behaviors based on narratives. She wrote dozens of papers that were published in top academic journals in marketing and psychology. Her award-winning research is highly cited and has been presented many times at academic, industry and government conferences and seminars. She won multiple teaching awards including the MBA teaching award at the Lerner College of Business and Economics and the Excellence in Teaching award at the University of Delaware (the highest award for teaching at the University).


  • Ph.D. in marketing, University of Rochester, 2006
  • M.S. in applied economics, University of Rochester, 2004
  • MBA in marketing, Recanati Graduate Business School, Tel Aviv University, 1997
  • B.A. in economics, statistics and operations research, Tel Aviv University, 1994

Select Publications

  • Herzenstein, Michal, Sanjana Rosario, Shin Oblander, and Oded Netzer (2024), “The Language of (Non)Replicable Social Science,” Psychological Science, Forthcoming.
  • Netzer, Oded, Alain Lemaire, and Michal Herzenstein (2019), “When Words Sweat: Identifying Signals for Loan Default in the Text of Loan Applications,” Journal of Marketing Research, 56(6), 960-980.
    • Winner of the Weitz-Winer-O’Dell Award for long term impact
    • Runner up for the Paul E. Green Award for best paper in 2019
    • Equal authorship
    • Herzenstein, Michal, and Steve Hoeffler (2016), “Of Clouds and Zombies: How and When Analogical Learning Improves Evaluations of Really New Products,” Journal of Consumer Psychology 26 (4), 550-557.
  • Herzenstein, Michal, Scott Sonenshein, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2011) “Tell me a good story and I may lend you my money: The role of narratives in peer-to-peer lending decisions,” Journal of Marketing Research special issue on consumer financial decision making, 48 (special issue), S138-S149.
  • Sonenshein Scott, Michal Herzenstein, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2011), “How accounts shape lending decisions through fostering trustworthiness,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 115, 69-84.
  • Herzenstein, Michal, Utpal M. Dholakia, and Rick L. Andrews (2011), “Strategic Bidding Behavior in Peer-to-Peer Loan Auctions,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 25, 27-36.
  • Posavac, Steven S., Michal Herzenstein, Frank R. Kardes, and Suresh Sundaram (2010), “Profits and Halos: The Role of Firm Profitability Information in Consumer Inference,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20 (July), 327-337
  • Herzenstein, Michal, Steven S. Posavac, and J. Joško Brakus (2007), “Adoption of New and Really New Products: The Effects of Self-Regulation Systems and Risk Salience,” Journal of Marketing Research, 44(2), 251-260.

Awards & Honors

  • Weitz-Winer-O’Dell award for long term impact of an article published in the Journal of Marketing Research, 2024
  • Lerner MBA teaching award, 2024
  • Outstanding faculty Award – Department of Business Administration, 2014
  • University of Delaware Excellence in Teaching Award, 2013
  • Outstanding Research Award – Department of Business Administration, 2012
  • International Research Award recipient, University of Delaware, 2011
  • Co-Chair of the second largest conference in the field, Society for Consumer Psychology, 2009
  • General University Research (GUR) Grant recipient, University of Delaware, 2008
  • International Travel Award, University of Delaware, 2007, 2012
  • AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2005
  • Society for Marketing Advances Dissertation Competition finalist, 2004
  • Doctoral fellowship in marketing, University of Rochester, 2001-2006