Carol A. Ammon Case Competition

The Carol A. Ammon Case Competition gives University of Delaware graduate student teams the opportunity to create and present recommendations for a local company. In the preliminary round, teams present their recommendations to judges who are alumni of the UD Lerner MBA program.  The top three teams move on to the final round and present to the leadership team of the focal organization. The competition enhances students’ analytical and presentation skills, expands students’ business vocabulary and exposes them to a vital audience of regional corporate leaders.

Prior Case Competitions have focused on the following organizations:

  • Endo Pharmaceuticals
  • Rent the Runway
  • Dogfish Head Brewery
  • B Lab
  • Cancer Care Connection
  • Downs Syndrome Association of Delaware
  • Blue Horizon Dive Center
  • The Newark Partnership
Competition Winners
On behalf of Alchemize Fightwear
Team Diverse 4: Charles Chifamba, Michael Dugbater, Winfred Amewonor Etsey, Trevor Mario Waring

On behalf of More than Fitness
Team Upperview: Benjamin Janocha, Victor Ponce, Sagar Satyan, Nick Sava

Harvard Business School case “Leadership in Crisis: Ernest Shackleton and the Epic Voyage of the Endurance”
Team Queen’s Gambit: Muhammad Fahim Alam, Youngin Kim, Umida Ruzybayeva

On behalf of Rosewood Farms
Team Rare Affairs: Manasi Desai, Bhoomi Gada, Abhi Katta, Richa Kumari

On behalf of Newark Partnership
Team Buzzer Beaters: Matthew Gentry, Alex Huey, David Mahon, Apruva Shukla

On behalf of Blue Horizon Dive Center
Team Upgrade that POS: Will Cottell, Tim Huffman, Bruce Wayne

For Cannabusiness in Washington, D.C.
Team High-Flying Consultants: Shyamala Athaide, Alex Brooks, Dan McCaffery, Sarah Meadows

On behalf of Down Syndrome Association of Delaware
Team Down but not Out: Shyamala Athaide, Alex Brooks, Dan McCaffery, Sarah Meadows

On behalf of Cancer Care Connection
Team Stepfinity: Kristen Carr, Arpita Ghandi, Eric Hoober, Nathan Snodgrass

On behalf of Food Bank of Delaware
Team Sigma Consulting: Shitong Cao, Christopher Giacomucci, Chenfeng Lai, Tyler Szarko

On behalf of Rent the Runway
Team Kaminski Consulting: Calleigh Chen, Michael Gross, Stephen Huff, Gil Kaminski

On behalf of Dogfish Head
Team AKME Consultants: Edwin Brown, Adrian Farrar, Matt Gore, Kevin Prendergast

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