Daniel Sullivan

Title Professor of Management, Director - Global Studies
Email dps@nospam666be0ee21c0d.udel.edu
Office 212 Alfred Lerner Hall


Daniel P. Sullivan, professor of global studies, is a renowned scholar and educator specializing in globalization and international business.. With a doctorate from the University of South Carolina, he specializes in various areas, including globalization, global enterprise management, international management and digital globalization.

Professor Sullivan is well-known for his co-authorship of International Business: Environments and Operations. Now in its 17th edition, 46 years since its launch in 1977, the textbook has earned acclaim as a premier representation of globalization principles, international business processes and the challenges of managing global enterprises. It has been translated into multiple languages, reaching hundreds of thousands of students in universities worldwide, serving as a fundamental resource for courses. His research has been published in leading journals, garnering more than 8,500 citations from scholars globally.

Professor Sullivan’s distinguished career has earned him numerous awards and grants for his exceptional contributions to research and teaching. Notably, he is a recipient of the JIBS Silver Medal Award from the Academy of International Business, recognizing his intellectual contributions to the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS). Moreover, he has been highly regarded by students, earning the Outstanding Teacher title for executive, MBA and undergraduate classes on more than 20 occasions.

Professor Sullivan has an extensive portfolio of teaching experiences, covering topics of globalization, international management, strategic perspectives, executive leadership and corporate strategy. He has an active role in programmatic improvements at UD, including the design and development of the master of science in international business program and the pioneering global enterprise management major.

Professor Sullivan has delivered lectures and courses in several foreign countries, contributing to the global dissemination of knowledge in international business. His collaborations with multinational enterprises and his consultancy work further demonstrate his impact on the field of international business.


  • Ph.D. in international business, strategic management, University of South Carolina, 1988
  • M.A. in international relations, research methods, University of Florida, 1983
  • B.A. in business administration, University of Florida, 1980

Select Publications

  • Daniels, J., Radebaugh, L., Sullivan. and R. Click. 2022. International Business: Environments and Operations, 17th Edition. Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River: New Jersey.
  • Watson, S., Sullivan, D., and Watson, K. Forthcoming. Instructor Presence in Asynchronous Online Classes: It’s Not Just a Façade. Online Learning Journal.
  • Norder, K. Sullivan, D, and Emich, K. 2020. Re-anchoring the Ontology of IB: A Reply to Poulis & Poulis. Academy of Management Perspectives.
  • Sullivan, D. 2015. An Integrated Approach to Preempt Cheating on Asynchronous, Objective, Online Assessments in Graduate Business Classes. Online Learning Journal, Vol. 3, No. 20, pp. 195-209.
  • Sullivan, D., S. Nerur, & V. Balijepally. 2010. Source or Storer? IB’s Performance in a Knowledge Network. Journal of International Business Studies, 42: 446–457.
  • Sullivan, D. and J Daniels. 2008. Innovation in International Business Research: A Call For Multiple Paradigms. Journal of International Business Studies. 39, 6: 1081-1090.
  • Sullivan, D. and G. Weaver. 2000. Cultural Cognition in International Business Research, Management International Review. 40, 3: 269-297
  • Conlon, D. and D. Sullivan. 1999. Examining the Actions of Organizations in Conflict. Academy of Management Journal. 42, 3: 319-238.
  • Sullivan, D. 1998. Cognitive Tendencies in International Business Research: Implications to the Matter of a Narrow Vision. Journal of International Business Studies. 29, 4: 837-862.
  • Sullivan, D. 1998. The Structure and Sociology of the Ontology of International Business: A Comment. Journal of International Business Studies. 29, 4: 877-886.

Awards & Honors

  • Academy of International Business, JIBS Silver Medal, 2019
    • Recognition for intellectual contributions published in the Journal of International Business Studies, the premier journal in the international business (IB) domain. The Silver Medal was awarded to 48 IB scholars who have published at least 5 significant papers in JIBS since its inception.
  • Outstanding Teacher, MBA Program, the Lerner College,  2015, 2021-2022
    • Course taught: the Global Business Environment
  • The Lerner College Outstanding Teacher Award, 2017
  • Outstanding Teacher, Executive MBA Program, the Lerner College,  2000, 2004-2012
    • Course taught: Corporate Strategy, Globalization and Business, Strategic Leadership Perspectives

Curriculum Vitae

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