Fred J. DeMicco

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Title ARAMARK Chaired Professor Emeritus of Hospitality Business Management


Dr. Fred DeMicco is professor and ARAMARK Chair in the Department of Hospitality and Sport Business Management at the University of Delaware. Formerly, he was associate director in the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management at Penn State University, where he was professor-in-charge of the HRIM undergraduate program (and graduate program for five years), and presently is a Conti Distinguished Professor at the Pennsylvania State University’s School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management.

Dr. DeMicco’s interest is international strategic management and innovation. He has worked on projects with ARAMARK for four Summer Olympics – Atlanta, Australia, Athens and Beijing.

He completed his Ph.D. in hotel, restaurant and institutional management at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. In 1996, he completed a sabbatical in hotel management at Walt Disney World, Florida. Dr DeMicco also obtained a Ducktorate Degree from Disney University.

He is on the editorial board of the Hospitality Research Journal, as well as author and co-author of more than 100 publications in the area of hospitality and tourism management. Dr. DeMicco is co-editor along with Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu of HOSTEUR™ magazine, a unique faculty, student and industry journal. Dr. DeMicco is ranked 12th among the 119 most-cited international hospitality faculty, and he is tied for 37th (with Harvard’s Michael Porter) as a scholar most cited by hospitality education faculty. He is on the boards of the Delaware Restaurant Association, Delaware Hotel & Lodging Association and I-CHRIE. Dr. DeMicco has taught and conducted research in Europe, Scandinavia, Australia/NZ, China and the Caribbean (including cruise ships). He has co-authored, with James Keiser, Cihan Cobanoglu and Robert N. Grimes, a textbook published by Prentice-Hall, Analyzing and Controlling Foodservice Costs: A Managerial and Technological Approach (5th edition). The book is used at approximately 100 CHRIE-affiliated universities and has been translated into Japanese.

Presently, Dr. DeMicco is co-author with Dr. Marvin Cetron and Owen Davies for the book Hospitality 2015: The Future of Hospitality and Tourism, which looks at trends for the tourism hospitality and travel industry (EI of the AH&LA 2010).

In 2008, Dr DeMicco received the AH&LA Educational Institute’s Lamp of Knowledge Award for Outstanding United States Educator.

He was also recognized by LODGING magazine as the Lodging Industry’s Top Education Innovator for 2006.


  • Ph.D. in hotel, restaurant and institutional management, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Select Publications

  • DeMicco, F.J., Seferis, Y.B., & Scholz, M.E. (2014). The Eco-Restaurant of The Future: A Case Study. Journal of Foodservice Business Research. 17 (3):363-68.
  • DeMicco, F.J., & Poorani, A. (2013). The Green Team-Case Study. The Hospitality Financial Management Review. Spring. Vol. 24. No. 1
  • Cetron, M.J., DeMicco, F.J., Fang, R., Woo, L., & Davies, O. (2012). Strategic Tourism Tools Following the Disaster in Japan- Could it happen here in the U.S.? Journal of Global Business and Trade. 8(2), 29-38.
  • DeMicco, F.J. (2014). Cracker Barrel: A Case Study. The Journal of Foodservice Business Research. Volume 18 (3). In Press (for summer of fall 2015)
  • Song, K., Agbemabiese, C., Wang, Y., Owens, E. & DeMicco, F.J. (2014). Disney and Comcast Theme Park Strategy: Competing in a Complex Environment. Submitted to the ICHRIE Case Study Competition (in press).

Awards & Honors

  • Lamp of Knowledge Award for Outstanding United States Educator, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, 2008
  • The Lodging Industry’s Top Education Innovator, Lodging Magazine, 2006