Faculty & Staff Directory - Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship

Carlos J. Asarta

Photograph Image of Carlos Asarta
Title Professor of Economics, James B. O'Neill Director - Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship
Department Tenure Track

Judy Austin

Photograph Image of Judy Austin
Title Bank at School Coordinator

Scott Bacon

Title Assistant Director, Delaware Stock Market Game Coordinator

Gail Colbert

Photograph Image of Gail Colbert
Title Personal Finance Coordinator

Sarah Johnson

Title Instructional Designer

Amy Wynn Krzyzanowski

Title Instructional Designer

Jennifer Magaw

Title Administrative Specialist, Teach Children to Save Day Coordinator

Bonnie Meszaros

Photograph Image of Bonnie Meszaros
Title Elementary School Program Coordinator

Susan Sherry

Photograph Image of Susan Sherry
Title Business Administrator