Julia Belyavsky Bayuk

Title Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean of Curriculum
Email jbayuk@nospam666bdeced7a27.udel.edu
Office 308 Alfred Lerner Hall


Julia Bayuk is a professor of marketing in the Department of Business Administration. She received a B.S. in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with concentrations in marketing and communication, and a Ph.D. in marketing with a focus in consumer behavior at the University of Florida. Her research focuses on improving consumer welfare (such as increasing consumer savings, especially for vulnerable consumers, or helping individuals get in shape and make better food choices). She is specifically interested in the impact of forming plans on goal pursuit, understanding how perceptions of effort guide consumer decisions and looking at how tactics that improve consumer wisdom and ability to be mindful or curious, could ultimately help consumers.

Her research has been published in Journal of Consumer Research, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and Journal of Business Research, among others.


  • Ph.D. in marketing, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida
  • B.S. in economics (concentrations in marketing and communications), Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

  • Bayuk, Julia, Hyunjung Lee, Jooyoung Park, Serkan Saka, Debabrata Talukdar, and Jayati Sinha (2022), “Mindfully Aware and Open: The Impact of Mindfulness Practices on Consumer Financial Vulnerability,” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 56 (3), 1284 – 1311.
  • Bayuk, Julia Belyavsky and Vanessa Patrick (2021), “Is the uphill road the one more taken? How task complexity prompts action on non-pressing, but important, tasks,” Journal of Business Research, Vol. 128, 436 – 449.
  • Ozanne, Lucie, Jason Stornelli, Michael Luchs, David Mick, Julia Bayuk, Mia Birau, Sunaina Chugani-Marquez, Marieke Fransen, Atar Herziger, Yuliya Komarova, Elizabeth Minton, Farnoush Reshadi, Gillian Sullivan=Mort, Carlos Trujillo, Hyeyoon Bae, Tavleen Dhandra, Miguel Angel Zúñiga (2021), “Enabling and Cultivating Wiser Consumption: The Role of Marketing and Public Policy,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40 (2), 226 – 244.
  • Bayuk, Julia Belyavsky and Suzanne Aurora Altobello (2019), “Can Gamification Improve Financial Behavior? The Moderating Role of App Expertise,” International Journal of Bank Marketing, 37 (4), 951–975.
  • O’Connor, Genevieve E., Casey E. Newmeyer, Nancy Yee Ching Wong, Julia Belyavsky Bayuk, Laurel A. Cook, Yuliya Komarova, Cazilla Loibl, Ong L. Lin, Dee Warmath (2019), “Conceptualizing the Multiple Dimensions of Consumer Financial Vulnerability,” Journal of Business Research, Vol. 100, 421–430.
  • Komarova Yuliya, Julia Belyavsky Bayuk, Stefanie Tignor, Gergana Nenkov, Sara Baskentli and David Webb (2016), “The Case for Moral Consumption: Examining and Expanding the Domain of Moral Behavior to Promote Individual and Collective Well-Being,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 35 (2), 305–322.
  • Bayuk, Julia Belyavsky (2015), “Should I Plan? Planning Effects on Perceived Effort and Motivation in Goal Pursuit,” Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 13 (August), 344 – 352.
  • Bayuk, Julia Belyavsky, Chris Janiszewski, and Robyn LeBoeuf (2010), “Letting Good Opportunities Pass Us By: Examining the Role of Mindset during Goal Pursuit,” Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (December), 570 – 583.
  • LeBoeuf, Robyn, Eldar Shafir, and Julia Belyavsky Bayuk (2010), “The Conflicting Choices of Alternating Selves,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 111 (January), 48 – 61.
  • Janiszewski, Chris, Donald R. Lichtenstein, and Julia Belyavsky (2008), “Judgments about Judgments: The Dissociation of Consideration Price and Willingness to Purchase Judgments,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 14(2), 151 – 164.
  • Cohen, Joel B., Julia Belyavsky and Timothy Silk (2008), “Using Visualization to Alter the Balance Between Desirability and Feasibility During Choice,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 18 (October), 270 – 275.

Awards & Honors

  • The Alfred Lerner College Outstanding Outreach/ Service Award, 2020

Curriculum Vitae

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