Katalin Takacs Haynes

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Title Professor of Management, Area Head - Management
Email ktakacsh@nospam6650e5cca9743.udel.edu
Office 210 Alfred Lerner Hall


An accomplished professor of strategic management, Dr. Katalin Takacs Haynes brought her expertise to the Lerner College from Texas A&M University. Dr. Haynes’ research covers critical areas such as corporate governance, strategic decision-making, greed and corruption, with her work being published in reputable academic journals like Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies and Strategic Management Journal. Her pioneering studies on executive greed and hubris have garnered attention beyond academic circles and appeared in prominent media outlets, including the Washington Post and the London Business School Business Review. Her research on socio-emotional wealth in family firms received the Scholarly Impact Award from Administrative Science Quarterly.

Her teaching interests include strategic management, strategic leadership and business ethics, and she has experience teaching face-to-face, as well as online synchronous / asynchronous and hybrid formats at the undergraduate, graduate, MBA and executive MBA levels. She has conducted undergraduate study abroad classes and, as a visiting professor, taught executive education at Luiss (Rome and Milan) and Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). She won Lerner’s MBA Teaching Award in 2013 and has been a finalist for the award every year since 2018.

Dr. Takacs Haynes serves as the management area head. At Lerner College, she has served as faculty director for MBA and graduate programs, academic director of the Christiana Pocket MBA, a collaborative education initiative between Christiana Care Health System and Lerner, and academic director of the Carol A. Ammon MBA Case Competition. She has also served as a faculty senator.


  • Ph.D. in business administration, Arizona State University
  • MBA, Arizona State University
  • Masters in international management, Thunderbird, American Graduate school of International Management

Select Publications

  • Rašković, M., Takacs Haynes, K., & Vangeli, A. (2023). The emergence of populism as an institution and its recursive mechanisms: A socio-cognitive theory perspective. Journal of International Business Policy (1 -22).
  • Takacs Haynes, K., & Rašković, M. (2021). Living with corruption in Central and Eastern Europe: Social identity and the role of moral disengagement. Journal of Business Ethics, 174(4), 825-845.
  • Takacs Haynes, K. 2021. Psychology of Greed. (2021). In A. W. Kruglanski, C. Kopetz, and E. Szumowska (Ed.), The Psychology of Extremism: A Motivational Perspective, pp. 203-229.
  • Raskovic, M., & Takacs Haynes, K. (2020). (Re)discovering social identity theory: an agenda for multinational enterprise internalization theory. Multinational Business Review, 29(2), 145-165.
  • Takacs Haynes, K., Zattoni, A., Boyd, B. K. & Minichilli, A. (2019). Figureheads or potentates? CEO power and board oversight in the context of Sarbanes Oxley. Corporate Governance: An International Review. https://doi.org/10.1111/corg.12293.
  • Hitt, M. Takacs Haynes, K. (2018). CEO overpayment and underpayment: executives, governance and institutions. Management Research: Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, 16(1) 38-46
  • Takacs Haynes, K. Campbell, J & Hitt, M. A. (2017). When more is not enough: Executive greed and its influence on shareholder wealth. Journal of Management, 43(2), 555 – 584.
  • Connelly, B.L., Takacs Haynes, K., Tihanyi, L., Gamache, D., & Devers, C. (2016). Minding the gap: Antecedents and consequences of top management-to-worker pay dispersion. Journal of Management, 42(4), 862-885. (YouTube video about the study).
  • Takacs Haynes, K. T., Hitt, M. A., & Campbell, J. T. (2015). The dark side of leadership: Towards a mid‐range theory of hubris and greed in entrepreneurial contexts. Journal of Management Studies, 52(4), 479-505
  • Takacs Haynes, K., Hitt, M. A., Josefy, M. (2015). Tipping points: How self-interest turns into greed, or altruism. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 22(3), 265-279. Featured in the London Business School Review in Dec. 2015.
  • Boyd, B. K., Takacs Haynes, K. T., Hitt, M. A., Ketchen, D. & Bergh, D. (2012). Contingency hypotheses in strategic management research: Use, disuse, or misuse? Journal of Management, 38(1), 278-313.
  • Boyd, B. K., Takacs Haynes, K. & Zona, F. (2011). Dimensions of CEO-board relations. Journal of Management Studies, 48(8), 1467-1923.
  • Takacs Haynes K. & Hillman, A. (2010). Board capital, strategic change and CEO power. Strategic Management Journal, 31(11), 1145-1163.
  • Hitt, M. A., Takacs Haynes, K. & Serpa, R. (2010). Strategic leadership in the twenty-first century. Business Horizons, 53(5), 437-453.
  • Gomez-Mejia, L.R., Takacs Haynes, K., Nunez-Nickel, M., Jacobson, K. J. L. and Moyano-Fuentes, J. (2007). Socioemotional wealth and business risks in family controlled firms: Evidence from Spanish olive mills, Administrative Science Quarterly, 52(1), 106-137.

Awards & Honors

  • Bancroft Construction Faculty Fellowship awarded in 2018
  • Administrative Science Quarterly Scholarly Impact Award for “Gomez-Mejia, Takacs Haynes, Nunez-Nickel, Jacobson, and Moyano-Fuentes, J. , ASQ, 2007,” 201
  • Greif Research Impact Award, Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Southern California for “Gomez-Mejia, Takacs Haynes, Nunez-Nickel,
  • Jacobson, and Moyano-Fuentes, J., ASQ, 2007,” 2013
  • General University Research Grant, University of Delaware, 2014
  • Department of Business Administration Outstanding Scholarship Award, 2014
  • American Journal of Business Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2014
  • Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2014
  • Lerner College Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, 2015
  • MBA Teaching Award for outstanding teaching in the MBA Program of the Lerner College of Business and Economics, 2013

Curriculum Vitae

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