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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

Laurence Seidman

Photograph Image of Laurence Seidman
Title Chaplin Tyler Professor of Economics
Office 411 Purnell Hall


  • Ph.D. in economics, University of California, Berkeley 1974
  • A.B. in social studies, Harvard University, Magna Cum Laude, 1968

Select Publications

  • “Stimulus Without Debt,” Challenge, November-December 2013, V. 56, #6, pp. 28-59.
  • “Medicare for All:  An Economist’s Case,” Challenge, January-February 2013, Vol. 56, #1, pp. 88-115.
  • “Keynesian Stimulus versus Classical Austerity,” Review of Keynesian Economics, 2012, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 77-92.
  • “How to Clean Up Tax Expenditures: Either Terminate or Credify,” Tax Notes,  v.133, no.2, 2011 Oct 10, p.217-219.
  • “Great Depression II: Why It Could Happen and How to Prevent It,” Challenge, 54(1), Jan-Feb 2011, pages 32-53.
  • “Overcoming the Fiscal Trilemma with Two Progressive Consumption Tax Supplements.” Public Finance Review, November 2013; vol. 41, #6: pp. 824851
  • “Keynesian Fiscal Stimulus: What Have We Learned from the Great Recession?” Business Economics,  November 2012.
  • “Keynesian Stimulus versus Classical Austerity.” Review of Keynesian Economics Inaugural Issue, Autumn 2012.
  • “Did the 2008 Rebate Fail? A Response to Taylor and Feldstein” (co-author Kenneth Lewis) Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Winter 2011-12.
  • “Reducing Future Deficits While Stimulating Today’s Economy.” The Economists’ Voice, August 2010.

Awards & Honors

  • Grants: The Brookings Institution; The American Enterprise Institute;  The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia;  McCahan Foundation for Research in Economic Security, W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
  • Lerner College of Business and Economics Outstanding Scholar Award, 2008

Curriculum Vitae

Download Laurence Seidman’s CV (PDF)