Mary C. Kernan

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Title Associate Professor of Management


Mary Kernan is an associate professor of management in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware.  Dr. Kernan’s research interests include employee motivation, work attitudes and dysfunctional behavior in organizations. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Academy of Management Review, Personnel Psychology, and the Journal of Management. She serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Dr. Kernan has taught courses in organizational behavior and human resource management in the undergraduate and MBA programs and has directed study abroad programs in Australia and Hong Kong.


  • Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology, University of Akron, 1985
  • M.A. in industrial and organizational psychology, University of Akron, 1983
  • B.A., State University at Geneseo, 1979

Select Publications

  • Gonzalez-Morales, M. G., Kernan, M. C., Becker, T., & Eisenberger, R. (2016).  Defeating abusive supervision:  Training supervisors to support subordinates.  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.  Advance online publication. DOI:10.1037/ocp0000061.
  • Kernan, M. C., Racicot, B. M., & Fisher, A. (2016). Effects of abusive supervision, psychological climate, and felt violation on work outcomes: A moderated mediated model.  Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 23, 309-321.
  • Becker, T., Kernan, M. C., Clark, K., & Klein, H. (2015). Something old and something new: Role orientations, foci of commitment, and research productivity.  Journal of Management. Advance online publication.  DOI: 10.1177/0149206315602532.
  • Burton, J. P., Hoobler, J. M., & Kernan, M. C. (2011).  When research setting is important: the influence of subordinate self-esteem on reactions to abusive supervision.  Organization Management Journal, 8, 139-150.
  • Kernan, M. C., & Watson, S. Kernan, M. C., Watson, S., Chen, F., & Kim, T. (2011). How cultural values affect the impact of abusive supervision on worker attitudes. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 18, 464-484.
  • Kernan, M. C. (2007).  The positive side of reorganization: Interactive effects of job changes and role perceptions.  Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, August.
  • Kernan, M. C., Hunt, C. S., & Conlon, D. (2007).  Expectancy disconfirmation and negotiator reactions across negotiation episodes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 37, 143-162.
  • Hunt, C. S., & Kernan, M. C. (2005).  Framing negotiations in affective terms: Methodological and preliminary theoretical findings. International Journal of Conflict Management, 16, 128-157.
  • Becker, T., & Kernan, M. C. (2003).  Matching commitment to supervisors and organizations to in-role and extra-role performance. Human Performance, 16, 327-348.
  • Kernan, M. C., & Hanges, P. (2002).  Survivor reactions to reorganization: Antecedents and consequences of procedural, interpersonal, and informational justice. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87, 916-928.

Awards & Honors

  • Network Awards for Excellence, 2012
  • Highly Commended Article Award, from the Literati Awards for Excellence 2012, for best papers published in 2011
  • University of Delaware International Research Award, May 2009 (with Sharon Watson) – Center for International Studies, 2009
  • CERT Summer Research Grant, College of Business and Economics, U. of Delaware, 1999, 2005
  • Best Paper Award, Organizational Behavior Division, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Quebec, Quebec, 1992
  • Junior Faculty Research Award, Department of Business Administration, University of Delaware, 1991
  • University of Delaware General University Research Grant, 1990
  • Summer Research Grants, College of Business and Economics, U. of Delaware, 1990, 1991