Vincent DiFelice

Photograph Vincent DiFelice, Business Administration
Title Senior Instructor of Entrepreneurship
Office 214 One South Main


Vincent DiFelice is a senior instructor of entrepreneurship and the faculty director of venture support at the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware, where he champions nascent student startups.

Before joining UD, he spent nearly 30 years as an entrepreneur. During this period, DiFelice co-founded several ventures including a $1 billion socially responsible community investment fund now known as The Reinvestment Fund and an industry-leading cybersecurity company, Probaris Technologies.

DiFelice launched six additional companies with the PIDC Venture Fund and later helped the University of Pennsylvania create startups. In collaboration with the Wharton School, the School of Engineering and the Medical School at UPenn he helped to form 24 companies. Of these 30 companies in total, 3 issued an IPO and 3 were acquired netting nearly $1.2 billion. He began his transition to academia by serving at Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania in their executive and professional education programs respectively.

DiFelice earned his master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded a graduate fellowship in recognition of service to low-income neighborhoods. He earned his bachelor’s degree from La Salle University’s School of Business and as an undergraduate student he raised investment capital and founded his first company.

After benefiting significantly from entrepreneurship and empowering others, DiFelice enjoys teaching others to do the same; creating value and social change through entrepreneurship.

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Teaching Award; University of Delaware, The Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics; awarded to a full time faculty member to recognize outstanding overall contribution to the Lerner College’s educational mission
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising and Mentoring Award, University of Delaware; awarded by the University Faculty Senate Committee on Student and Faculty Honors.
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Delaware; awarded by the University Faculty Senate Committee on Student and Faculty Honors, Award Nominee
  • Most Impactful Faculty Member Award, University of Delaware, Horn Entrepreneurship Senior Class
  • Excellence in Student Development and Success Award; University of Delaware, Office of the Deputy Provost, Academic Affairs, Award Nominee
  • Most Valuable Professor (MVP) Award, University of Delaware Athletics

Curriculum Vitae

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