Pathway to Earn the Ph.D.

If you find during your study in the M.S. in FSAN program that you would like to pursue research or more in-depth study in financial services analytics, you may, upon passing the qualifying exam, switch to the Ph.D. program.


Completion schedule for M.S. students switching to the Ph.D.

Requirement Time
FSAN courses Within 3 years
Summer paper proposal due; apply to switch to Ph.D. May; same schedule as Ph.D. cohort
Qualifying exams July; same schedule as Ph.D. cohort
Complete summer paper December; same schedule as Ph.D. cohort
BUAD 840 and FSAN electives Within 2 years after joining Ph.D. program
Dissertation proposal defense Same schedule as Ph.D. cohort
Dissertation completed No more than 7 years
One paper published in a peer-reviewed journal By the time of graduation