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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner College May 23, 2019

In this video, hear from faculty, students and alumni as they talk about how the University of Delaware Hospitality Business Management program at the Lerner College transforms students through hand-on experience to become managers and leaders in the world’s largest industry.


[Dr. Zvi Schwartz] The hospitality industry is a fascinating one. It’s one of the largest in the world, and it’s dynamic, and it’s a fast-growing one. So, we are one of the best programs in the world.

[Melissa Jones] The University of Delaware Hospitality Business Management program is training people to be managers, and leaders, in their industry of choice.

[Lyle Bienstock] This program is amazing because of the opportunities that it has to offer. Other programs you might just be sitting in a classroom, and applying what you learn on an essay, or in a lab. Here, you take what you learn and you apply it to the real world.

[Melissa Jones] We have so much hands-on experience from working in a restaurant, working in a hotel, but what makes this different is they teach you about the business as a whole.

[Lyle Bienstock] A lot of other hospitality programs you don’t get a full business degree. You don’t get to learn about accounting, and finance, and revenue management, but in this particular program I got to learn about all those concepts. Like analyzing the profit and loss statement, budgeting, forecasting, food cost, beverage cost. Without learning these things in the program, I wouldn’t be able to do that today.

[Dr. Zvi Schwartz] So when students come out of our program, they have very strong foundations, and that makes them not only more attractive to the industry, it makes them more competitive in the long-term career path.

[Melissa Jones] The Hospitality Business Management program gives us so many opportunities to get internships, and these internships oftentimes lead to jobs.

[Lyle Bienstock] Through the Hospitality Business Management program I actually got in-touch with a Marriott recruiter, and that’s how I landed my role right out of college.

[Dr. Zvi Schwartz] For me personally, as a teacher, the most wonderful thing to hear is how what they learn here contributing to their career, and it continues to contribute.

[Melissa Jones] The Hospitality program has taught me how to be the best manager overall. It’s more than just being a chef, it’s more than just being a server, it’s about being a leader in the hospitality industry.