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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner College July 31, 2018

In this video Naomi talks about how UD became her home when she least expected it, and how the opportunities presented to her by the Lerner college at UD have sculpted her future.

Video Transcript

Initially, I came with the idea that I would study for one year at UD and transfer to a school in Europe, and I came here and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else and I always say UD became my home. No Lerner student is the same. You’ll find students here who are coming from all over the world, coming from all over the United States, but the one thing that unifies us is the fact that we want to be future leaders in business and Lerner gives us the opportunity to do that. I think UD gave me the tools, in terms of the professional experience, networking with people, going to events, and the MBA student conference was a place that allowed me to get a mentor. Some of the speakers there were women who are in leadership positions and for me as a woman them giving me advice on how it is to navigate that world in the future are experiences that you don’t get access to. I got my B.S. in economics here and now I’m getting my M.S. in international business from Lerner. And I’m really excited to see where my future will go based on what I’ve learned within the classroom outside the classroom with the different experiences I’ve had.