Business Analytics and Information Management Graduate Student Association

Students at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics have a  diverse range of nearly 30 student-led groups on campus, offering students opportunities to connect, engage and grow in their personal and professional interests. 


Michael Dugbater, Class of 2024 graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in business analytics and information management, is the president of the Business Analytics and Information Management Graduate Student Association (BAIM GSA) at Lerner College. Dugbater shared why he joined BAIM GSA andwhat makes this group stand out!


Lerner: When and why did you choose to join this student group?

Dugbater: I joined this group in the fall of 2022 and I did so because this student group gave me the opportunity to constantly meet with other students in the BAIM program to network and discuss both classroom and non-classroom related things. I also joined this group because it gave me the chance to expand my knowledge in analytics and the opportunity to meet and network with many other students from various backgrounds pursuing different pathways in the program.


Lerner: When and where does your student group meet and approximately how many members do you have?

Dugbater: All members of the BAIM program are automatically members of the BAIM GSA; however, to be part of the executive board, you have to be elected or appointed. We normally have meetings virtually or in person depending on the event being organized. 


Lerner: What is the mission/goal of your student group?

Dugbater: Our mission is to bring all students in the BAIM program together to foster academic growth and also help students with various career opportunities within the field of analytics. 


Lerner: What is your best memory or proudest moment from this student group?

Dugbater: The proudest moment for this student group was when we were able to revive the student group after it had been dormant since COVID and being able to bring students together through various programs to have meaningful discussions and connect with each other.


Lerner: What is unique about your student group?

Dugbater: BAIM GSA is a unique, prestigious association of like-minded students from various backgrounds with common goals sharing experiences. Our organization provides the perfect balance of professional development and social events. We provide opportunities for professional success while also holding fun, social-based events. The diversity of the student group also makes us very unique; there are a lot of international students from different cultures and career backgrounds which offers a great learning opportunity for students. 


Lerner: What are your goals for the future of your student group?

Dugbater: Our goal is to provide more help to students in their professional development and career advancement through connecting them with key industry players to offer significant impact for the students in the organization. We also want to use the student group to build strong bonds and relationships amongst the students and also build a strong connection with the alumni of the program.


Lerner: How has your student group helped you grow, personally or professionally? 

Dugbater: The BAIM GSA has definitely helped me gain more confidence and has shaped my leadership and public speaking skills as well. As an international student coming to a new country, the student group gave me a family to be a part of and I have learned a lot of new things from my colleagues in the BAIM program. 


Lerner: Does your group have any social media handles?

Instagram: @udbaim.association


Lerner: Does your group have a website? 

The website is currently being developed and will launch by the end of this semester.

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