Financial Services Analytics Ph.D.

In this video, you will hear from direct sources about the great opportunities you can have through the Financial Services Analytics PH.D. program at UD thanks to programs such as J.P. Morgan Chase.

Video Transcript

Sean Kilgallon: Thanks to JPMorgan Chase, we have all of our tuition paid for and an academic stipend on top of it. My background is in electrical engineering, but this program is multidisciplinary. It meshes engineering and business colleges together, so you can take classes from the business and take classes from the engineering college. You get to do really interesting research with different colleges.

Bintong Chen: The University of Delaware financial services analytics program is the first program at the Ph.D. level to study both analytics as well as applications to the financial services industry.

Paul Laux: The importance of research seminars has to do with experiential learning and providing students with examples for how they can do the work that they need to do. We hold those seminars here about every two weeks. We’ll have a scholar from another university or someone who’s involved in industry come to the university and spend a day with us.

Xin (Jane) Ji: We can reach out to those scholars that we usually don’t have access to. To talk in person with them, that helps with our research a lot.

Michael Housey: The collaboration between JPMorgan Chase and University of Delaware has allowed us to bring real world problems to the classroom. You have a student that has worked with you for eleven months as an intern or longer. This becomes an experienced hire, so when these students graduate and they finish their Ph.D., we have a pipeline of very skilled workers who can hit the ground running. It’s really a win-win for all of us.

Adam Fleischhacker: The students I work with sit right outside my office. They come to me with great ideas, they persevere through difficult material. With their computational skills and their communication skills, they come out of here polished gems.

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