From GET Internship to full-time employment with JPMorgan Chase

In this video, Candace tells how her Lerner GET Internship led to a job with JPMorgan Chase.

Video Transcript

Candace Galentine: Having a perspective in a classroom where you’re doing real work, it just takes the class and what you’re learning to a whole different level. With any business major in the Lerner college, you have to take basic information technology courses. So when I took my first MIS course, it ended up being that I really liked it, and I was good at it. Once I figured that out I was like, “This is what I want to pursue for a career.”

I’m Candace, I graduated in 2015. I currently work at JPMorgan Chase in digital technology. We are working on all of our mobile and digital platforms. I started working at JPMorgan Chase as an intern. This was before my senior year at the University of Delaware, when I was a part of the global enterprise technology internship program. It provides an easy way to balance a real-world experience with the courses that you need to take.

Part of the semester project was working with other students that actually go to another university. At the company now, this is the day-to-day. That’s what you do. You work with people; we have people across the globe. You’re not always gonna be working next to the person on your team.

I know when I came in full-time, having the experience behind me and everything that I learned really gave me a leg up when I did enter the workforce. Having a college to be able to help you and guide you – you know, I really benefited from that.

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