Inaugural Lerner Teaching and Research Showcase

Lerner College hosted its First Annual Teaching and Research Showcase on April 27. Select faculty from all five Lerner departments exchanged information and scholarship with their colleagues on best practices in teaching and innovative research in progress.

Lerner College Deputy Dean Sheryl Kline initiated this event.  “It was a great format to share ideas, support colleagues and strengthen our community around research and teaching,” said Kline.

Teaching presentations

  • Chris Lynch, Instructor, Finance

“How Clickers Make Teaching Easier and More Engaging”

  • Julia Bayuk, Assistant Professor, Business Administration

“Encouraging and Evaluating Classroom Participation in a Live Classroom: Keeping it Fair”

  • Mark Serva, Associate Professor, MIS

“Team- Based Learning (TBL)”

  • Ali Poorani, Associate Professor, HSBM

“Crowdsourcing Technologies and Triple-Loop Learning”

Research poster presentations

  • Yi-Lin Tsai, Assistant Professor, Marketing

“Non-Informational Advertising Informing Consumers: How Advertising Affects Consumers’ Decision-Making in the U.S. Auto Insurance Industry”

  • John D’Arcy, Associate Professor, MIS

“Seeing the Forest and the Trees: A Meta-Analysis of the Antecedents to Information Security Policy Compliance”

  • Kyle Emich, Assistant Professor, Management

“A New Way of Seeing Teams: Using an Attribute Alignment Framework to Understand Individual Team Member Complexity”

  • Mandi Bullough, Assistant Professor, Management

“What Kind of Research Might a CT Do?”

  • Xiaoxia Lou, Associate Professor, Finance

“Media Reinforcement in International Financial Markets”

  • Derron Bishop, Assistant Professor, Management

“Rapid Media Image Transformation: Media Sensemaking and Sensegiving During Scandal”

  • Ji Kyung Park, Assistant Professor, Marketing

“Role of Mindsets on Consumption Behavior”        

  • Amanda Convery, Assistant Professor, Accounting

“Stakeholder-Standard-Setter Interaction and the Scope of Standard Setting Authority”    

  • Dustin Sleesman, Assistant Professor, Management

“Phantom of the BATNA: The Power of Possible Alternatives in Negotiation”

  • Shubha Patvardhan, Assistant Professor, Management

“Imagination and Strategy”

  • Zvi Schwartz, Professor,  HSBM

“When Best Isn’t Really Best: On the Sub-Optimality of the BAR Based Room Rate Fencing”

  • Jeremy Tobacman, Assistant Professor, Economics

“Unsecured Credit and Local Employment Shocks”

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