Julie C. Gricol ‘08 Memorial Scholarship

Photo of Accounting major Kayla Schlachter

Lerner College accounting major Kayla Schlachter, UD Class of ‘24, is this year’s recipient of the Julie C. Gricol ‘08 Memorial Scholarship. In the following Q & A, Schlachter talks about her experiences as an accounting major at UD.

Lerner: How did you decide to pursue accounting as your major?

Schlachter: When I was younger, all of my uncles were accountants, and even though I didn’t know what it was, I would tell people that I was planning to become an accountant. Fast forward several years and while I still didn’t have a good handle on what accounting was, I knew I wanted to have a “professional office” lifestyle. So, I took my first accounting class and fell in love with it. The accounting major is pretty small so everyone quickly gets to know each other. Several of the students I’ve met in my accounting classes are my best friends. The benefit of having a tight knit group of classmates is that we can work on projects together, study together, and push each other to succeed.

Lerner: What was the best class you took in college, and why?

Schlachter: Business Law (ACCT 350) was my favorite class – it was impossible to leave that class in a bad mood! I especially found it interesting to learn about the legal background under which firms operate.

Lerner: What types of summer internships did you have? How did they enhance your learning experience?

Schlachter: This past summer, I had an internship at a brokerage firm (StoneX). I rotated among different projects to become familiar with the reporting process, regulatory compliance and other internal accounting tasks. I had a very positive experience, and I plan to join the firm full time when I graduate. I will be training with the CPAs in the firm for the necessary practical experience so that I can get certified myself.

Lerner: How have you surprised yourself while in college?

Schlachter: I didn’t always challenge myself to the fullest in high school, so when I got to UD and became an accounting major, there was a bit of a shock in terms of workload. But, I persisted and put in the time and effort to study and I was able succeed in one of the most challenging majors in the college.

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