Keeping the Momentum Going for Racial Justice


In this video, Jennifer Joe, Daphne McRae, Nicole Jeter West and Vina Amankwaa Afrifa discuss ways to continue the discussions about racial justice.


Jennifer Joe, UD Lerner Whitney Family Professor of Accounting, chair of the Lerner Diversity Council: We have seen protests in the past, and one of my biggest concerns is that attention is on this issue now, but that it will fade. So, how do we work to make sure that this is not a fad, that the energy is harnessed, and that we see actions?

Daphne McRae, UD alumna, vice president at JPMorgan Chase: I believe that we can’t be silent. We have been afforded an opportunity to be able to allow our voices to be heard for the first time. I work in the corporate arena – I have for over 25 years – and this is the first time that many of us are being given a platform and a forum for our voices to be heard. Our children need to know it. It’s a rich heritage that they need to be proud of through the telling of our stories to keep it lit from generation to generation. We can’t afford for our light to go out.

Nicole Jeter West, UD alumna, head of marketing and engagement for LA 2028: I would echo what Daphne said. I think we are in a position now where we must be vulnerable in all aspects. We must be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We need to now be in a position where we are sharing and having those conversations outside of our circles, and that is a position of vulnerability. I know that being in leadership, in being in conversations in my organization, it has put me in a place where I’ve been the most vulnerable that I’ve been in my entire career.

Vina Amankwaa Afrifa, senior operations management major at UD’s Lerner College: I know just on social media I saw a lot of people posting things and raising awareness; it lasted for about a strong week, but now it’s like – now what? I think it’s super important for us to just stay informed. I believe the only way we can make sure the momentum doesn’t die out is if we just continue conversations like this where we’re fueling hundreds of other people and then giving them the foundation to continue raising awareness to the situation – protesting, signing petitions, voting – these are all ways that we can make sure our voices are heard.

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