Student Success: Lauren Pizzimenti

In this video, Lauren Pizzimenti, class of 2018, bachelor of science in marketing, talks about how she was able to land a job opportunity with Bloomberg before graduation. She credits UD’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics for providing the opportunities that made this possible.

Video Transcript

I wanted to come to the University of Delaware because it was a medium to bigger school, and this offered lots of organizations and opportunities on campus. I’m in a business fraternity here, which is through the Lerner College. I’m also in the Executive Mentors Scholars program, and all these organizations provide networking with professors and alumni of UD and current students as well, to help build that network and career skills going forward. So sophomore year, for my statistical 2 class, we were introduced to Bloomberg data, which is in the financial trading center. I ended up getting into contact with Bloomberg, and now this senior year I was able to apply. And I was accepted for a full-time offer. It’s very comforting knowing I have a job lined up. Even going into the spring semester was comforting, knowing that that was already established, so that I could focus on my courses, and really enjoy my last few months here at UD.

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