Lerner Graduate Student Stories: Mark P. Trolice, MD

Photo of online MBA student Mark Trolice

Mark P. Trolice, MD, from Orlando, Florida, earned his MBA online with majors in healthcare management and leadership in fall 2022. Trolice  shared why he chose Lerner for his honing is business and leadership skills and what he plans to do in the future.

Lerner: Why did you go back to pursue your graduate degree? Why did you choose the Lerner College for your studies?

Trolice: Admittedly, my business and leadership skills required more guidance. At this stage in my career, I needed to navigate my medical practice/business by developing a calculated expansion plan. Consequently, my fervent desire is to obtain an MBA to provide me the understanding of business markets and to develop leadership skills, both of which will enhance the growth and success of my medical practice.

As the decision to pursue an MBA was simple, I was relieved to discover the relative ease of the school selection. When I searched for top-rated online MBA programs for physicians, the University of Delaware was ranked number one. Your MBA program’s focus on healthcare management, national reputation, and the availability of online learning clearly allow me the opportunity to fulfill my professional goals while maintaining my current clinical workload.

Lerner: What did you learn through this opportunity that you wouldn’t have learned anywhere else?

Trolice: By understanding that a company’s most valuable resource is its staff, before customers, I have transformed my approach to my medical practice with the focus to engage my team.

Please share an example of a course or concept that you were able to apply directly to your life and/or career.

Trolice: Leadership is the concept that resonated most with me. As a result, I developed an acronym to become the tenet of our organization among its leaders to “R.A.I.S.E.” their team through Respect, Appreciation, Inspiration, Support, and Empowerment. Following these behaviors, the team is more likely to be engaged in their work, connected with their managers, more productive and innovative as well as less likely to sever employment.

Lerner: Describe an important connection you have made through your graduate program.

Trolice: Amy Estey – tremendous support, guidance, encouragement and inspiration.

Lerner: If you were to describe your classmates in one word, what would that be and why?


Lerner: How do you balance your career with your studies?

Trolice: My mindset is one of “Grit” (inspired from Angela Duckworth’s impactful book, “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”). My approach to multiple tasks is to prioritize and dedicate myself toward accomplishment by an unwavering desire to succeed. Once I accept a project and/or goal, the only outcome is completion.

Lerner: Fill in this sentence: “My graduate program helped me become…”

Trolice: A more confident CEO and leader with a focus on our team.

Lerner: What was the most impactful hands-on project or case competition that you were able to participate in?

Trolice: Mount Everest Simulation. This project demonstrated the human instinct to realize a team is only as strong as its weakest link. I was very impressed with the cooperation, concern, and commitment of my colleagues.

Lerner: What are your plans or next steps for the future?

Trolice: Following my MBA graduation, I enrolled in the American Association for Physician Leadership, “Certified Physician Executive” program which will be completed this year. I also was accepted in the Nova Southeastern University Doctor of Education program in Organizational Leadership which I will begin matriculation in the Fall 2023.

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