Lifelong Lerner: Amanda Schimmel

Class of 2023 graduate Amanda Schimmel

A native of Hillsborough, New Jersey, University of Delaware Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics Class of 2023 graduate Amanda Schimmel is an honors economics and English double major with a minor in Spanish.


Schimmel was nominated for this series by UD Assistant Professor of Economics and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs Elizabeth Bayley, who said, “Amanda is an awesome Blue Hen student! She excels academically with a 3.9 GPA, is a strong leader of the Women in Economics student group, and has been an excellent Lerner Ambassador for several admission events.”


In her profile, Schimmel shared her favorite UD memories, how she has changed during her time at UD and her plans following graduation.




Lerner: How do you think you have changed from your first semester at UD to now?

Schimmel: Thinking back to my first few days on campus, I was so nervous to meet new people and immerse myself in new experiences, and now I welcome these exciting opportunities with open arms. 


Lerner: What have been some of the challenges you have faced during your college experience and how did you overcome them?

Schimmel: During the pandemic, I definitely felt more isolated from the campus and college life, even though I was still taking classes and living in Newark. Being a founding member of the Women in Economics club in my junior year helped immensely because it provided that campus connection I was missing.


Lerner: What was your favorite signature UD experience and why?

Schimmel: I remember for one of the Blue Hen Re-Coop Days my friends and I jokingly joined a campus-wide scavenger hunt and ended up genuinely having a blast. It was a gorgeously sunny day and we finished it by eating free UDairy ice cream on The Green!


Lerner: What does being a “Lifelong Lerner” mean to you?

Schimmel: Being a “Lifelong Lerner” means that 15 years from now, I could reach out to another Lerner alum and be confident that I would make a connection, regardless of if we knew each other during our time at UD.


Lerner: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen to make the most out of their college experience?

Schimmel: My advice would be to not be afraid of partaking in new experiences because that is where I found myself having the most fun and making the best memories. I promise that it will be worth it in the end. 


Lerner: Did you have a Lerner professor or staff member that had a big impact on your UD experience?

Schimmel: As an honors economics student, I am grateful to have been paired with such an amazing academic advisor, Dr. Bayley, since day one of my college journey. I believe having that kind of support truly pushed me to succeed in all of my endeavors.


Lerner: What are your plans following graduation?

Schimmel: Following graduation, I will be working at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce as a marketing and accounting manager.

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