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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Imani Gibbs June 13, 2022

As a member of the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics’ Class of 2022, Mingxing Gong, a Ph.D. candidate majoring in financial services analytics from Nanchang, China, has not had the typical student experience at UD due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gong, and his entire class, have shown incredible resilience, maturity and spirit while adjusting to the many unexpected changes that they have encountered as students. Each installment of this series will profile an outstanding member of this class, showcasing their achievements, experiences at UD and what it means to be a Blue Hen.

Gong was nominated for this series by UD Professor of Operations Management Bintong Chen, who said, “Mingxing did not need a Ph.D degree for his current job. He did it because of his curiosity for the power of data, and his belief that better understanding and treatment of data can make a difference in business. During his six years in the FSAN Ph.D.program, he demonstrated his impressive capability, dedication, and persistence in balancing work, study, research, and family life. He completed a high-quality dissertation and got promoted multiple times in companies he worked for at the same time.”

In this profile, Gong shared his favorite UD memories, how he has changed during his time at UD and his plans following graduation.

Lerner: How have you grown from your first year in the program at UD to now?

Gong: The successful completion of a Ph.D. is always about how to deal with stress, setbacks and failures. A strong mind with curiosity and passion for knowledge and the unknown are the cornerstone for me to travel the long and winding roads towards obtaining my Ph.D.

Lerner: What does being a “Lifelong Lerner” mean to you?

Gong: I started my Ph.D. journey at age 30 after I worked in the financial industry for quite a few years. A Ph.D. is not necessary for my career, but I believe in lifelong learning and learning is always the greatest force in my life.

Lerner: What was the most memorable course that you took at Lerner?

Gong: The most memorable course that I took at Lerner is “Foundation of Optimization.” I was inspired not only by the technical knowledge, but also how our instructor conveyed the complex concept in such a natural and intuitive way.

Lerner: What was your favorite UD experience?

Gong: My favorite UD experience was when I had a discussion regarding academic research with my supervisor. Another was studying late in the library and jogging down the main street.

Lerner: What are your plans following graduation?

Gong: I plan to continue my current career in the financial industry.