MBA Student Association

Students at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics have a diverse range of nearly 30 student-led groups on campus, offering students opportunities to connect, engage and grow in their personal and professional interests.

Aniket Turaskar, Class of 2024 graduate student majoring in business analytics, is the president of the MBA Student Association (MBASA). Turaskar shared why he joined the MBASA, what makes this group stand out and how to get involved.

Lerner: When and why did you choose to join this student group?

Turaskar: I joined the MBA Student Association (MBASA) as events manager and later became the president in April 2023. I chose to join MBASA because I believe in its mission to enhance the experience of students through meaningful social, professional, and educational activities. Additionally, I saw the opportunity to create an intellectual forum where business topics and ideas can be shared, disseminated, and debated, which aligns with my interests in networking, learning, and contributing to our vibrant UD community.

Lerner: When and where does your student group meet and approximately how many members do you have?

Turaskar: Members of the MBA Student Association (MBASA) typically meet at the MBASA boardroom located at the Fintech Innovation Hub. This is where we discuss upcoming events, strategies for the association, and various initiatives to enhance the club experience. As of now, MBASA consists of 10 executive officers who play key roles in organizing and managing our activities. All of them play vital roles in driving the mission and goals of MBASA, ensuring that we provide meaningful social, professional, and educational opportunities for everyone.

Lerner: What is the mission/goal of your student group?

Turaskar: The mission of the MBA Student Association (MBASA) is to create an intellectual forum where business topics and ideas can be shared, disseminated, and debated among students, faculty, alumni, and business leaders. We aim to foster lasting benefits in the UD community by facilitating networking opportunities, promoting knowledge exchange, and nurturing friendships and professional relationships within the UD community.

Lerner: What is your best memory or proudest moment from this student group?

Turaskar: One of my proudest moments from my experience with the MBA Student Association (MBASA) was when we invited a UD alumnus with over two decades of work experience to speak at one of our events. This achievement was particularly significant because we managed to organize and conduct the event within a very short time span and deliver a high-quality, engaging experience to our members. Looking ahead, we are excited about our upcoming plans to arrange a leadership workshop in collaboration with the founders of 3peak Coaching and Solutions, which further demonstrates our commitment to providing valuable opportunities for personal and professional development within our student group.

Lerner: What is unique about your student group?

Turaskar: One unique aspect of the MBA Student Association (MBASA) is our focus on creating an inclusive and diverse community within UD. We strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or experiences, feels welcomed and valued within our organization. Additionally, MBASA offers a wide range of activities and events that cater to the diverse interests and career goals of our members. From professional development workshops to social networking events, we provide a holistic experience that enriches the academic journey for everyone involved. Our emphasis on inclusivity, diversity, and comprehensive programming sets MBASA apart and contributes to a vibrant and supportive environment for everyone to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.

Lerner: What are your goals for the future of your student group?

Turaskar: Our goals for the future of the MBA Student Association (MBASA) encompass a comprehensive strategy aimed at enriching the experiences of our members. We plan to expand our network by reaching out to more alumni, leveraging their expertise and insights to benefit all members. Additionally, we aim to host annual conferences that bring together industry leaders, alumni, and students for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. We will invite leaders from various sectors to guide and mentor students, providing valuable perspectives on navigating the business landscape. Furthermore, we intend to conduct certification workshops in collaboration with companies, enhancing our members’ professional skills. Lastly, we plan to collaborate with clubs from other business schools, conducting online sessions to learn from their perspectives and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth within UD.

Lerner: How has your student group helped you grow, personally or professionally?

Turaskar: The MBA Student Association (MBASA) has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth in several ways. Through my involvement with MBASA, I have had the opportunity to develop and refine leadership skills, including event planning, team coordination, and decision-making. Serving as an events manager and later as president has allowed me to enhance my organizational abilities and strategic thinking, which are crucial in both academic and professional settings. Additionally, MBASA’s networking events and interactions with alumni and industry leaders have expanded my professional network. Collaborating with diverse teams within MBASA has improved my communication and collaboration skills, which are essential for effective teamwork in any professional environment.

Lerner: Does your group have any social media handles?


LinkedIn: UD MBASA

Facebook: UD MBA Student Association (MBASA)

Lerner: Does your group have a website?

Lerner: Is there any additional information regarding your student group that you believe has not been covered?

Turaskar: In addition to the workshops, leadership activities, and social media presence, MBASA also organizes the MBASA First Friday event, which is held on the first Friday of every month at various locations such as Deer Park, The Grain Exchange, the Fintech Innovation Hub, and more. The MBASA First Friday event provides an excellent opportunity for students to network with each other, interact with faculty and staff, and build meaningful connections over food in a casual setting. It’s a great way to connect with fellow peers, build relationships, and foster a sense of community within UD.

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