Olga Arshinova, Lerner MBA student | Lerner
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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner College April 2, 2018

In this video, MBA student Olga Arshinova tells about what has impacted her most during her studies at Lerner and what she would tell someone considering a Lerner degree.

Video Transcript

Olga Arshinova: I am an international student at the University of Delaware; I come from Azerbaijan.

If I think about an event where a professor or class that made an impact to me – one class that clearly stands out – it was professor Jack Baroudi’s class, Leadership Development. I took it online, and I was very skeptical at first because it was my first online class. But I really enjoyed it because Professor Baroudi offered us one-on-one leadership coaching over the semester, which gave me great experience. It was not only learning but also getting feedback from my reputable and very smart professor that gave me the skills I will be using in the future.

If I were to counsel somebody on choosing the University of Delaware, I would speak about professors; I would speak about great discussions and diversity that we have in classes. People come from so many different backgrounds. People come from different countries, and their opinions and viewpoints contributed and enriched my overall experiences.