Student Success: Nicholas Makos

In this video, Nicholas Makos shares his engagement on campus, the opportunities he’s been given at UD’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, and his experiences while selecting a discipline in the undeclared business major.


I think that the Lerner College is very in touch with the current times. I think they understand what the market needs what the industry needs and that’s a reason why our placement rate is so high amongst students. The Lerner College understands the needs of the students. I think the Lerner College works with those students and ultimately I think the Lerner College serves those students. You know, if the college cares about the students, the students will be successful, regardless.

So for me, I came into the university I knew I wanted to do business, but I wasn’t 100% sure which discipline. So in our BUAD 110 class they kind of do a week for each different major. It allows you to explore that as a business undeclared major. Every week you do something different. One week is accounting, one week is management, one week is finance, and really the week that you’re most passionate about, the one you have the most fun with is ultimately the one a lot of people choose as their major. As an undeclared student I definitely would do it one hundred times over and I think that operations management is the way for me.

I’ve been pretty involved on campus. I’m in a professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. I currently serve as a senior vice president of operations. Really for me greek life was not something I thought I was going to get involved with, but when I saw the opportunity to work with like-minded people, I was able to gain my strongest friends. Ultimately the Lerner School and the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi are very much engaged with one another.

Everybody has a place on this campus. With over 350 organizations, everybody has the opportunity to really be engaged, you know, to find their lifelong friends. To me, I think that’s something that is important. That when you come to college, it’s not just about the grades, it’s not just about the 4.0. You should truly get engaged, you should truly make a difference. You’re only here for a little bit of time, but the things that you do here can be long-lasting for the generations to come.

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