The Lerner College’s Class of 2016 outperforms national averages

The University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics’ Class of 2016 is outperforming national averages in terms of employment and starting salaries.

Lerner College Class of 2016 undergraduates have an employment rate of 89 percent, compared to a national average of 72.7 percent as reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ First Destinations for the Class of 2016 report.

For the Lerner College Class of 2016 of graduate programs, employment rates of 92 percent compared favorably to the reported national average of 87.6 percent.

In terms of starting salary, Class of 2016 undergraduate alums’ starting salary of $55,000 is almost $3,000 higher than the average of $52,047. For graduate program alumni, this number is even higher, with a $90,000 starting salary that is almost $16,000 higher than the national average of $74,551.

So, what is it about Lerner College graduates that enables them to accomplish such high employment rates and starting salaries?

According to Julia Murphy, who serves as university & recruiting partnerships lead for investment advisor Vanguard, UD students exhibit a number of key attributes. For example:

“Students who have done their research on a company and come to an interview with an understanding about the industry, the mission and the culture of an organization, show the interviewer that they took the time to prepare,” Murphy said. “We look for students who have a strong work ethic, the ability to collaborate with others, good written and verbal communication skills, and most importantly the willingness to continue learning.

“In addition to these soft skills, we are also looking for students who have a well-rounded college experience,” Murphy continued. “Campus involvement shows that the student has taken the initiative to join a club or organization that aligns with their interests.”

While academics are the main focus for college students, Murphy points out that “taking that next step to diversify your resume and get involved on campus stands out to an employer.”

“In my experience, the University of Delaware students have consistently shown the qualities that I have listed above,” Murphy said. “The students I have met have been very professional, asked great questions, and demonstrated a strong interest in Vanguard.

“UD students value professional development opportunities and want to best prepare themselves to be successful in both internships and full-time positions,” she continued. “I have seen this through meeting with students in career services for resume reviews, at networking events and career fairs. The professionalism and experiences these students have continues to impress me.”

For students interested in working at Vanguard or a similar company, Murphy said her top advice would be to take advantage of recruiting events on campus.

“Having various touchpoints with different people at our company creates your network before you have your foot in the door,” she explained. “Building relationships and having people advocate for you is priceless.

“I would also advise students to get involved on campus and to look for internship positions that align with your long-term career goals,” Murphy continued. “Industry experience is a great way to gain exposure to the workforce and guide you to a career that you will succeed in. Continue to invest in your own personal and professional development, ask questions and find a company whose culture aligns with your core values.”


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