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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Dena Hillison July 20, 2021

In this video, University of Delaware students in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics share their favorite things about their college. Lerner students Alayna Hernandez, Ryan Kheshgi, Mollie Patmore, Frederica Crispo, Jayke Marsh, Kristine Lim, and Josiah Hanson talk about their favorite classes, their future career goals and more.


Alayna Hernandez: To all of my freshmen out there, don’t be afraid. One of the unique opportunities that we get in BUAD 110 is to attend all of these Lerner events. One of which includes networking speed dating. As a freshman this was horrifying. Being involved with all of these corporate executives and having to get to know them. But after going to the event, I was able to make a bunch of new connections, get their advice and it helped me get out of my comfort zone.

Ryan Kheshgi: During the summer after my freshman year, I was able to participate in several different leadership programs and externships across the United States as simply a freshman.

Mollie Patmore: I started my freshmen year working with the women’s basketball team as a manager. You build connections, I got to travel as a freshman and it was really great and then at the end of my freshmen year I got asked to be a head manager so that was really exciting. And so now I just have more responsibility, I’ve been asked to travel more and it’s just something that I really enjoy on campus.

Frederica Crispo: I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do at school as well as in my career. Then I was able to take all the intro classes for my business major. So I look introduction to marketing, introduction to operations and thanks to my professor I was able to gain a new understanding of the business world and of how businesses work in general.

Jayke Marsh: Right on the first floor of Purnell Hall where we have a majority of our classes we have a full trading center in there where students can go in, go in on open hours and really just check out the different softwares that are on the computers. There’s also opportunities to get Bloomberg certification.

Kristine Lim: My favorite experience that I’ve had was getting to study abroad in Australia and Singapore so I took classes for two months in Sydney Australia and then I had an internship in Singapore. It was really amazing getting to live in these two new cities and getting to explore not only the world but also get to learn a lot about myself.

Josiah Hanson: There’re students that have graduated that are in investment banking, private equity some work at hedge funds. So you’re really surrounded by some of the best and brightest and that pushes you to be, you know one of the best and brightest.