What I Love About My Major: Economics


In this video, University of Delaware students majoring in economics share their favorite things about their major. UD Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics students Kyra Giakas, Rafi Turitz-Sweifach and Jehleen Zheng talk about their favorite classes, their future career goals and more.


Kyra Giakas: Economics is the major where you really get an intersection with critical thinking and then an analytical mindset and it allows you to view the world in a whole different perspective.

Rafi Turitz-Sweifach: I am actually a TA this semester for Econometrics I. I have really enjoyed kind of being more involved in the economics department, helping students out during office hours, grading problem sets, and having a more influential role in a course that I’ve taken previously.

Jehleen Zheng: I like how a lot of the classes are a little bit smaller and it allows for more space for discussion and to really get to know your peers and work together.

Kyra Giakas: I chose economics as my major just because when I came in as a freshman I was undeclared and when I was in my introductory microeconomics course, I absolutely fell in love with the material and economics is really a course that you can pair with whatever you want to and it such a nice complement. So, going into it, I just paired it with finance and I’ve been in the major ever since.

Rafi Turitz-Sweifach: There’s a lot of emphasis on, sure like knowing the math and being able to do certain calculations, but there’s also an element of analysis and being able to use judgment to kind of make calls about certain things. Also, had classes, like I’m taking right now, where we’re looking at policy analysis and looking into different governmental actions and kind of analyzing those.

Kyra Giakas: My favorite experience with my major has been being the student director of peer tutoring for economics. So that was a chance where we got to do group tutoring with four students. I got to teach what I love to and it’s something I’m super passionate about so just to share that with other people was great.

Rafi Turitz-Sweifach: Economics has really helped me in my preparation for going for my graduate career. Just because it’s really helped with critical thinking and demonstrating a lot of those quantitative and qualitative skills that are really necessary to be successful in the business world.


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