What I Love About My Major: Finance & Financial Planning and Wealth Management | Lerner
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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner College January 29, 2021

In this video, University of Delaware students majoring in finance share their favorite things about their major. UD Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics students Josiah Hanson, Arynn Hernandez and Jayke Marsh talk about their favorite classes, their future career goals and more. This video is part of the Lerner College’s “What I Love About My Major” video series.


Josiah Hanson: So I chose the finance major because one, I like working with numbers and the finance major definitely has a lot of that and I also like working with people. And I think that the major and the career offerings after the major and after graduating from university allowed me to work in a career that would really let me do two things that I enjoy doing. I think that the finance major really was a great
stepping stone in order to reach those goals for my career.

Arynn Hernandez: What makes the finance major so unique is that I can take it in so many different ways. I came in not really sure what I wanted to do. But because the way that finance major is structured, I was able to test run a bunch of different majors, I was able to take a lot of different intro classes and I really got into marketing. I got into trust management. I got into all these different, you know accounting. I got to try a lot of different classes and I learned what makes each one exciting.

Jayke Marsh: Right on the first floor of Purnell Hall where we have a majority of our classes we have a full trading center in there where students can go in, go in on open hours and really just check out the different softwares that are on the computers. There’s also opportunities to get Bloomberg certification. So it’s just a really great opportunity for students that are interested in financial markets to get real exposure and I think that’s really unique to the major.

Hanson: There’re students that have graduated that are in investment banking, private equity some work at hedge funds. So you’re really surrounded by some of the best and brightest and that pushes you to be, you know, one of the best and brightest.