What I Love About My Major: Marketing


In this video, University of Delaware students majoring in marketing share their favorite things about their major. UD Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics students Alayna Hernandez, Megan Momorella and Jacob Lukens talk about their favorite classes, their future career goals and more. This video is part of the Lerner College’s “What I Love About My Major” video series.

Alayna Hernandez: So in choosing my major I actually didn’t know what I wanted to do. I know in high school that I wanted to do something a little bit in business and a little bit in psychology, but I wasn’t really sure so I walked into UD in my freshmen year as business undeclared. It wasn’t until BUAD 110 where we got a little bit of a taste of everything in the business school that I decided marketing was for me.

Megan Momorella: My favorite marketing class was BUAD 471 and that was advertising and media management. It was really awesome because we got to learn all the different types of advertising and what goes into it from social media to billboards. And we also got to do a really cool project where we chose a specific company, and we did a deep dive into it.

Jacob Lukens: Through my classes in international business, I definitely discovered that marketing is huge strong suit of mine. So, I really discovered passions for digital marketing, advertising, social media advertising.

Momorella: The marketing major at UD is unique because it’s a bachelor of science so it’s really focused on the analytical side of marketing. So a lot of our major-specific courses are analytics and group projects-focused but you do also have the opportunity to take other upper-level marketing classes if you do want to go more to the creative side.

Lukens: I have a huge passion for international marketing specifically and since I’m a German minor and I’ve have spent a lot of time abroad, I’d love to be able to use my skills in foreign language and maybe take my marketing skills over to Europe.

Hernandez: To all of my freshmen out there, don’t be afraid. One of the unique opportunities that we get in BUAD 110 is to attend all of these Lerner events, one of which includes networking speed dating. As a freshman this was horrifying. Being involved with all of these corporate executives and having to get to know them. But after going to the event, I was able to make a bunch of new connections, get their advice and it helped me get out of my comfort zone.

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