What is the Lerner opportunity?

In this video, faculty and students discuss how you can make the most of opportunities to learn, innovate, research and experience business at the University of Delaware’s Lerner College of Business and Economics. Opportunity is incorporated into everything we do.

Video Transcript

Collin Miller, UD Class of 2017, Lerner College: What it really takes for someone to distinguish themselves is to just be intellectually curious and really passionate about what they’re doing on a daily basis.

Jill Gugino Pante, Director UD Lerner Career Services Center: I think the habits of a successful Lerner student; one, is that sort of grit and determination. A student who is going to stop at nothing to achieve their goals, achieve their passions.

Raquel Bombonatti, UD Lerner MBA Business Analytics student: So I chose the major in business analytics, and I’m really excited to combine knowledge that I’m getting from school with my experience in marketing and digital marketing. That was the perfect combination.

Bruce Weber, Dean, UD Lerner College of Business & Economics: In academia, intersections are a place of opportunity. So we’ve been able to pull together multiple disciplines in the University of Delaware campus, and I think create much more impactful programs for our participants.

Denise Naomi Wakiaga, Dean, UD International Business Student: No Lerner student is the same. You’ll find students here who are coming from all over the world, coming from all over the United States, but the one thing that unifies us is the fact that we want to be future leaders in business and Lerner gives us the opportunity to do that.

Richard Jakotowicz, Director, UD Financial Planning & Wealth Management Major: The Blue Hen Investment Club exists as University of Delaware’s commitment to experience-based learning. Students get to make real world decisions to buy or sell assets, which gives them a different experience then they would get in the traditional classroom.

Bruce Weber: And I think any student that spends time on our campus, they’ll find a wonderful environment here.

Sheryl Kline, Deputy Dean, Professor of Hospitality Business Management: Because of where we are located, we bring industry professionals into our classroom. When Marriott rolls out a revenue development system, our students learn it as it rolls out.

Collin Miller: It’s not a simulation. It’s not a replication of what you’ll be doing in the real world. This is the real deal.

Opportunity is incorporated into everything we do.

Opportunity, Inc.

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