Why Study Abroad at UD: Paris 2023 Winter Session


In this video, Lerner international business management students describe their trip to Paris in January 2023 during UD’s winter session. The students interacted with their peers from Sorbonne Nouvelle and participated in a mock trade simulation. The video was produced by Serafina Carollo, a sophomore management and communication double major.


Emily Fabian: I think what I love the most about it was the fact that I met so many people that I would have never met if I didn’t do study abroad.

Evan Centofanti: My biggest reason that I think someone should study abroad is that study abroad allows you to not only explore a whole new place you’ve never been to, but also gain so much more beyond a vacation you might take with your family or with your friends.

With study abroad, your professors and the people you work with have so many connections and build your network so far that we would have never been able to go on to go to Caring, which owns 15 of the biggest fashion houses in the world, and see all these different amazing mentors and networking people.

Luci Morris: You are so lucky that you go to UD because there’s so many different opportunities – because there’s winter session and semesters that you can choose when you want to go.

Lauren Cap: What I’ll really take away from this is how, although me and the different students that we met throughout the trip are from different areas, me being from the U.S., them from France or other countries, it really showed that we are very similar with how schooling is or how we operate with business and how we did our trade negotiation.

Grace Fritz: I think the number one reason to study abroad is just to expand your cultural perspective. I think even just the idea of going to a foreign country, you kind of go in with one mindset.

But I think personally, after a month or 23 days of being here, I’m leaving with a completely different mindset and feeling like another country, how they function, but also like you see so many cultural differences and at least for me, I think I have a greater appreciation for how the U.S. works and a lot of aspects when it comes to school and the economy.

So I feel like just going you just gain a better respect for other countries, and especially your own.

Oliva Imburgio: You don’t have to worry about anything except the task at hand that day and the city that you’re in so it definitely is really refreshing and it just kind of puts things in perspective and puts your life on pause a little bit.

So when things are like moving so quickly, it feels like you just like finally get to, like, enjoy life.

Emily Fabian: I would say just do it because I considered not doing it and this has been the most life-changing experience.

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